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Careers in Plumbing

Ever thought about getting an apprenticeship a trade? Thousands of organisations in the UK offer apprenticeship schemes, some with government backing, and many in the heating and plumbing industry. If you're looking at an alternative to university, the plumbing and heating industry is an area that might be just right for you. We've put together some of the things to think about if you've got an interest in the field:

Are you the right kind of person?

The plumbing and heating industry seeks students doing well in maths, science and engineering. Aside from the fundamental educational standards you'll need, the industry looks for natural problem solvers, communicators, organisers and leaders. Flexibility and thriving under pressure are also vital attributes for engineering pursuits, especially if you want to run your own business.

Apprenticeship pathways.

On-the-job learning and apprenticeship schemes fuel the heating and plumbing trade, no pun intended! Getting into an apprenticeship is a huge boost to your career in any industry, and in plumbing and heating it's a vital step on the path to becoming a fully-fledged professional in the field. You'll split time between academic education and hands-on supervised learning at job sites to become qualified – the perfect way to learn.


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Earn while you learn.

'Earn while you learn' is a big selling point for trade apprenticeships. While student fees for universities are going up, spending your time learning a trade and moving into a job once your education is finished (and starting with the relevant experience) can be a far more appealing prospect than an expensive undergraduate degree with no promise of employment afterwards. Depending on your age, the cost of the academic side of the apprenticeship could be covered, too.

Self-employment possibilities.

Once you've got a comprehensive understanding of vital skills and products from your TracPipe gas pipes and fittings to your Yorkshire Xpress components, you might get the itch to strike out on your own. Domestic and commercial trades are filled with small businesses, and plumbing and heating is no different. If the prospect of being your own boss and forging your own career appeals to you, seriously consider this field, especially as in many parts of the UK, demand is high and supply is low.


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You won't be limited to domestic plumbing.

Even though domestic, consumer-faced plumbing and heating is a big part of the market, the commercial sector offers options too. You can find work to design and install plumbing and heating systems in business and office spaces, or use your skills in the utility field for civil projects. Even if you do choose to pursue domestic plumbing, you won't be limited to one area or the other. It's your discretion to focus on water, gas, or both when deciding on your skill set. have more information about how and why you should consider starting an apprenticeship, here.