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Careers To Consider If You’re A Social Person

Indeed, there’s more to life than doing all the things you love by yourself. In order to build strong and lasting relationships, being able to socialize with different kinds of people is an extremely essential skill - a skill that some people excel at.

Seemingly, there are primary differences between people with extroversion and introversion. Some people prefer their own company while others enjoy being surrounded by people.

With these differences, people can actually use these social skills in gearing up for their future.

If you love to interact with people, there are a handful of endeavors that you can pursue, which doesn’t only help in your social aspect and personality but also for your career advancement.

Social butterflies who love to take their roles seriously can consider these careers:

1. Event planner and organiser

Being a successful event planner and organiser requires a couple of skills, ranging from multitasking, creativity, focus for detail, and to top it all - good social skills.

If you’re a person who loves to celebrate new milestones with people, you can consider being an event planner and organiser. Behind the success of any event or celebration is a great event planner, taking your responsibilities and tasks takes a lot of courage.

Once you start with this career, you’ll find yourself in the simplest role possible, from being a host to refilling drinks, all while entertaining your guests.

As you work your way up, you’ll become the star of planning and organization, which involves tasks such as:

  • Theme and decoration planning
  • Food and beverage planning
  • Accommodation and lodging of attendees
  • Recruitment and training of necessary event staff
  • Arrangement and installation of necessary equipment for the proper flow of events

During the course of executing these tasks involves interacting with various types of personalities of your clients and their guests and attendees. Most importantly, the best advantage of being an event planner and organizer is not limited to knowing more people but also being exposed to new life experiences.

2. Elementary school teacher

As a social butterfly, you can help other people in improving their skills by sharing your social capabilities. During childhood, children start to build their personality and people surrounding them plays an essential role in influencing their behavior.

If you’re a social person, you can have a big role in developing children’s social skills through pursuing an elementary teaching career.

To start with your profession, you can seek early childhood education programs that offer various degrees depending on your personal goals and educational setting you wish to work in the future. 

Aside from playing the fundamental roles of an elementary school teacher like teaching and educating, a great method for sharing your social skills is to hone children in being a good and just member of society.

Children spend most of their time playing and enjoying the company with other children, but some children with learning disabilities tend to become isolated and rejected by their fellows.

Their poor social skills put them at a disadvantage. Therefore, as a people person, you can contribute to improving their social skills and help them establish great connections with people necessary for their improvement.

3. Social anthropologist

If you’d like to take your social advantages the extra mile, social anthropologists take part in how the contemporary world revolves.

Their focus on human behavior, evolution, meaning, and organization are undoubtedly essential in many applications today.

For instance, anthropologists aim to analyse how societies live and how they interact with external factors in the environment, which in today’s setting, involves interaction with development and technology.

Also, social anthropology understands how people before and today differ in terms of culture and way of life.

How do your social skills relate to social anthropology? Most people think that anthropology is a fairly fascinating academic endeavor and it just stops there.

Through completing an anthropology degree, you hold the opportunity of amplifying your social skills that are beneficial in living today.

While pursuing your career, you’ll get involved in various anthropological activities, which focuses on skills area involving socialisation including an understanding of human diversity, effective communication, and researching skills for collection and understanding of information.

4. Journalist

Being a responsible social person encompasses distributing relevant and truthful information to people, and one career you can consider if you love socialising is through journalism.

While modes of communication have varied incredibly due to technology and increased social media exposure, people tend to ignore the importance of print media and broadcasting.

You can pursue a career in journalism if you love exposing yourself to people, as well as educating them with things that you know.

Every day, you might not realize that you’re becoming a journalist in your little ways. Specifically, among millennials, social media platforms are a new form of information outlet.

As a social butterfly, your skills in analyzing truthful information from fake ones are entirely beneficial in socialisation.

Also, these social media sites serve as a setting for connecting with important people in your life, as well as exploring new communities that share the same interests with you.


Through the process of achieving your goals, you spend most of your time inside the school. You learn new knowledge and experiences daily, contributing to different aspects of your life, especially your social self. As a social butterfly, you possess various social skills beneficial for your endeavor, and it can matter greatly in your life after university. With the help of these career choices, you can fuel your passion for socializing with other people through applying your skills in your future career.