Busting the Worst Admission Essay Myths

Getting a chance to study in the college of your choice is so thrilling. However, we all know that the process is not easy. You get worked out trying to complete your applications and compose essays because you do not want to miss that chance. You will probably spend a lot of time on the college essay when preparing for the application. The essay plays a significant role when the board is making a decision. So, why is it essential to burst some of the myths? Some students have missed opportunities because they believed what other people said. There is more to learn about college admissions. The myths can hurt your chances of being admitted to a particular school. Therefore, it is vital to learn about them and make the right move before starting your application process. This will enable you to know what matters and what you must do to avoid missing the chance of studying in the college of your choice.

1. No one reads the admission essay

Many students have been made to believe that no one reads the essays. This is because of the large number of applicants, and therefore the selection committee will not have time to read your essay. Why would you spend a lot of time on something that doesn’t matter? Many students do not take time to evaluate their essays and provide the best on hearing this myth. Writing an essay takes a considerable amount of time and demands honed writing abilities. If you do not give it your best, the selection committee will undoubtedly know. 

Understand from today that your applications, including your essay, will be read. If it were about grades and test scores, the college would not request an essay. So, when preparing for college application, know that everything you provide will be read.

2. The essay won’t make a difference

Others believe that essays do not make a difference. You must ask yourself, why would the institution ask you to provide something that does not matter? Of course, it matters. Various factors go into the college admission process. You will get an opportunity to some colleges with an average essay if you meet the GPA and test scores. Besides, an essay can help to decide between students with the same resume. Because of the large number of applicants, colleges cannot enroll all of them. The decision has to be made on the kind of students to be admitted. The essay can play a significant role in deciding among a group of students with similar qualifications. Again, a great essay can make an admission committee consider a student on the fence about admitting. So, your essay matters. Whatever you do, ensure that you write an engaging piece because it will undoubtedly add value and increase your chances of being selected.

3. Colleges are looking for well-rounded students

This myth has made many students afraid of applying to specific colleges. Others provide inaccurate information because they want to appear all-rounded. We are not equal. Students can never be the same, and the college admission boards understand that. Your traits and qualities differ from other learners. The truth is the selection team is looking for a well-rounded class. How will students learn from each other if they all have the same capabilities? Institutions put together entering class as a mosaic. They need a few great scholars for each department, some musicians, dancers, athletes, racial and economic diversity, and potential leaders, and so on. Therefore, do not be afraid to powerfully present what you have because you are afraid you are not all-rounded. The college needs learners who have devoted to and excel at something. Be passionate about your talent. Do not try to be someone you are not. What you have will get you admitted to the college of your choice if you present it coherently.

4. A fantastic essay will get you admitted

It is fascinating how students will take their entire time working on their essays. This is good; in fact, congratulations if you are giving your essay the concentration it demands. You need to write something spectacular. No one wants to shoddy ready work. Even as you are doing so, how are your grades? Each college has unique specifications and requirements you must meet. An excellent essay is good, particularly if you qualify. An essay will only work for you if you have attained the required grades. Therefore, do not get lost in writing quality pieces and forget your grades. Nothing works independently. Anything you are required to provide must meet the threshold. Otherwise, you will be frustrated because of the myths that many students hold so dear.

5. The essay should list all the accomplishments

You have already provided particulars in the application, and you do not have to repeat them in the essay. Besides, understand the prompt and know the essay demands from you. The purpose of the college essay is to assist the admission committee in knowing you more. Your accomplishments are excellent, but they are not you. Provide something about yourself that will enable them to know you more. Come up with an important story, event, or a person who has had an excellent impact on your life and how it has influenced your life and who you are. You need to provide something concrete apart from the attainments. Besides, the essay should not be used to address your weakness. The essay has specific questions you must respond to. Including other aspects will show that you do not adhere to guidelines. If you have to explain your weakness, use the “additional information” section. The essay demands that you share something exciting or unique about yourself. Note that what you are writing about is not always important. Does it represent you? How you present yourself in the story is what matters. Therefore, do not get locked up with a multifaceted topic because you want to sound smart. You can also use a simple topic to present yourself coherently to the admission committee.

6. The admission officers will not know if I did not write the essay

This does not rule out the need for seeking support from professionals. You need help to provide what the selection team wants. Tutors or parents will help you understand the prompt and what you are expected to provide. However, do not hire experts to write your essay because the committee will know. They know the kind of essays that can be produced by the students at your age. Some students go to the extent of hiring online essay editing services to review their work. At this point, your essay will always stand out, and they can tell you are not the author. This will undoubtedly affect your chances of being admitted. More myths mislead students, such as:

  • Write the same essay as someone who was admitted some years back
  • Use the essay you earned an “A” on
  • Use big words to prove yourself
  • Writing an essay is a contest
  • Essays are the most important parts of the admission process
  • The word limit is just a minimum

These are some of the myths that make students lose focus on what is required. Therefore, be sure what constitutes an excellent college application essay and work towards it.

The Bottom Line

We can talk about many things regarding college applications. Some are true, while others are far-fetched. The bottom line is, prepare for your application and consider all the requirements. Evaluate yourself and know where you lie. Also, ask professionals or college admission departments to know what they expect. Gather enough information to make the right choices. In everything you do, quality must be paramount. Ensure you provide fascinating pieces that will hook your reader’s attention. Find out everything you need and work from scratch to provide excellent work. You can achieve what you want if you adhere to guidelines and overcome the myths that have held students captive, preventing them from thinking outside the box. Seek help and trust experts. But you must also know what the college wants. Each year is different and comes with new requirements. If you have the required qualifications, ensure you put everything in order, write a great essay, and attend the interview if you are asked to. Do everything you are required to do and leave the rest to the admission committee. Understanding these tips will enable you to get to the college of your choice.