Business Students: The Role Of Your School In Shaping Leadership

In today’s business arena, challenges arise daily, and it takes a great leader to give effective solutions. Dealing with day-to-day business challenges requires good strategy, intelligence, and expertise.

To some employees, leadership flows in them naturally while to majority others; it's not there. Nonetheless, everyone who wants to hone their leadership skills should consider enrolling for leadership courses immediately.

Good leaders are very critical in every organization because they empower, motivate, and influence other employees towards achieving team and overall business goals.

Also, such leaders are always at the forefront when promoting the company's image is concerned. That is why many reputable companies set aside a budget for employees’ periodic leadership training.

A business school, like Schulich, will give you access to an authentic and credible leadership course. Here are some of the benefits you will get after successful completion of your course:

Benefits to individuals

1. They instill wisdom and self-confidence

Leadership training programs equip you with essential skills and techniques to anticipate and analyse challenges from different perspectives.

Doing so allows you to sober up in the face of a difficult situation, gain more clarity and wisdom to handle the situation. Conquering tough challenges is what promotes self-confidence.

2. You get empowered to succeed

Indeed, great leaders are not born with greatness. They pass through the making process to become great.

Leadership training uses a variety of techniques and examples to demonstrate the virtue of hard work in becoming a great leader. Hard work is what empowers one to push to greater heights of success.

3. You learn a variety of crucial skills

Leadership training courses equip learners with the necessary skills to lead effectively.

Some of the most basic ones include how to influence and persuade people around you positively, even those who are not under your direct authority. You also learn the power of motivation and how to impact it on your team.

4. You get focus and clarity of your vision

Every successful leader has a clear and sound vision of what they want and where they are going.

Undergoing a leadership course allows you a moment to examine yourself and your organisation and get strategies about the future.

You are equipped with skills on clear communication of your vision as a motivation to people around you. 

Benefits to organisations

1. Leads to increased productivity  

Right and consistent leadership typically increases the productivity of people in an organisation.

The basic principle of leadership is to understand your employees’ emotional needs. Having that emotional intelligence is essential to the success of any leader. 

It involves identifying and understanding your employees’ emotions and then using empathy to engage and empower them accordingly.

Doing so will make them feel loved and cared for, and as a result, they will strive to work hard, which will, in turn, increase the company's productivity.

2. They greatly contribute to staff retention

The majority of the people who resign from organisations don't leave the jobs, but they quit their bosses.

Indeed, this is an accurate observation because nobody would like to work under harsh, ineffective leaders. 

Therefore, there is a great need for organisations to investing in leadership training courses for their employees and especially those who have authority over others.

Doing so will enhance the long retention of existing staff at the same time, reducing costly recruitment processes.

3. It is a platform to nurture future leaders

Any future-oriented organisation should lay down strategies about developing and nurturing its future leaders.

Lack of such strategies is what makes companies select employees who seem to have dominant personalities into a leadership position. Doing so has caused huge setbacks to once prosperous organisations.

Quality leadership involves the right qualities in individuals and proper training.

You can identify a group of your employees and enroll them for targeted leadership training courses. Doing so is another very effective way to support succession planning.

4. Leads to the adoption and implementation of an effective leadership style

Not all leadership styles are fit for your organisational needs. Leadership training courses can help those in leadership positions to identify the most appropriate style for your organisation.

Also, the training can help leaders to develop their own unique leadership styles that will work best for their team members.

In conclusion, leadership training should be paramount for individuals who want to make career progression and also for organisations.

Employees who have undertaken leadership courses are far more productive than those who have not. A top-notch business school like Schulich will definitely help you hone your leadership skills