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Building a School Community

It is hard to make a strong bond among the people involved in your child’s school. However, if the school is successful in doing this, the result would be very fruitful. A healthy relationship between parents, teachers and students will undoubtedly yield amazing benefits.

When the teachers and parents can build a sense of community in the school, the students are the primary ones who will help. They will feel more participative and confident in their academic activities.

Because students can feel that they can approach their teacher anytime without being afraid or intimidated, learning will be easier and faster. The students will also be more obliged to open up to their parents about what's happening in school.

In this way, parents can easily help their children if there is a problem. On the part of the teachers, working will also be much more productive.

When there is a good relationship and communication between the teachers and the students, explaining lessons will be easier and faster. The teachers can also solve problems quickly if they can talk to the parents openly.

Indeed, there are endless possibilities when a school can build a sense of community in it. Therefore, it is critical for the parents to enroll their kids in a school that has this quality. But then, how can a school build a strong community among parents, teachers, and students? Let’s find out.

Welcoming Environment

When parents and students are new to a school, they tend to be intimidated or afraid to reach out and meet other people. This situation is a norm in most public schools. When this happens, there will surely be an adverse effect on the student. So, it is critical that schools should also look at this area.  

To eliminate this stress among newcomers, schools should motivate bonding between parents. There should be a warm welcome from the parent leaders of the school together with the teachers.

The Waldorf Academy, for example, have this Parent and Tot program where parents can bond with each other while learning the Waldorf approach in raising young children. The toddlers, on the other hand, can play with their peers.

Communication Is the Key

This is one of the foundations in building a strong sense of community in a school. The parents, teachers, and students should be able to communicate without reluctance or constraints.    

The teachers should initiate this kind of environment. They should be kind and welcoming to the parents and students.

Another way to have an effective communication among the members of the school community is through the use technology. Some schools use the internet to connect all of its members. 

These schools have a portal where the parents or students can access. It contains the contact information for the teachers, staff, and families in the school. Sometimes, there are schools with Facebook pages so that everyone could be updated on the latest happening in the school.

As for Waldorf Academy, it has a website where the parent can check any news about the school. It contains the news about the upcoming programs and activities for the students and relatives. The site also provides a link to the Facebook and Twitter pages of the school.

Emphasize the Purpose and Ideals

In building the sense of community in school, everyone should know the kind of qualities they should possess. It should strive to develop a good character to everyone such as patriotism, being responsible, honor and dignity, and much more. 

The school should be able to emphasize all these to its members so that it can create a sense of unity or uniformity among the members while developing each member’s personality. 

The Waldorf Academy in Toronto is focused on doing this, but it is focused on the kind of mentality that the students have to possess. Waldorf wants to its students to think creatively in solving problems. 

The students are taught to have a connection with others, to nature and the world. It taught them to be confident and centered in pursuing their life goals. Within these three qualities, the Waldorf ensures that everyone will feel a sense of belongingness and connection with other.

Giving the Right Opportunities

The school should allow the students to collaborate with each other. The students should learn that working together is a better way of acquiring knowledge and skill.   

Everyone should learn to cooperate to obtain a particular goal. In this way of teaching, the students will be conditioned in working as a team. Thus, a sense of community will soon be developed among the students.

This is what the Toronto Waldorf Academy has to offer. Their approach in teaching includes the commitment to culture and community. 

This means that everyone is taught to respect culture while helping to build the community. They are also taught to appreciate individuality. So, the students will understand that everyone is different and those differences must be respected. These teaching methods are very much helpful in building a community in the school.

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