Broadband & Home Automation Are Changing The Way We Learn

Today’s student enjoys a wealth of enhanced learning opportunities facilitated by technological advances.

There was a time when the earnest undergraduate had to spend hours in the library poring over stacks of books to get access to the information they needed.

In today’s interconnected world, the sum total of the world’s knowledge is at their fingertips no matter where they are. 

With access to the best broadband deals at affordable prices, students can access and download vast quantities of data and manage even sizable files off campus.

The library is wherever they want it to be. The study hall is wherever they feel they work best.

Let’s take a look at how these technologies are changing the way we learn…

Study in comfort

Home automation and a reliable broadband connection make it easy to control the ambient temperature of the student house wherever you are with your smartphone via smart thermostats.

And with a range of smart devices in the kitchen like smart kettles and coffee makers, you can get your caffeine fix lined up before you even enter the kitchen.

Even dumb devices can be made smart by combining them with a smart plug (more on those later). 

So you can work and study in comfort.

Smart plugs let you study free of the distraction of money worries

Students usually share in the rent and bills in their accommodation and a lack of control over their energy use can be a cause of frustration, not to mention money worries.

In the age of the smart meter and smart plug, however, the whole household can get near real-time access to their energy usage data so there are never any unpleasant surprises when the energy bill rolls around.

Take a look at this video which explains how smart meters work.

What’s more, with smart plugs, each member of the household can access devices all over the home and switch them off remotely.

Many students don’t realise that appliances can burn almost the same amount of energy on standby as they do when active. WIth smart plugs, a device need never be left on standby again. 

Money worries can be a source of great distress and distraction for students. But these handy devices can allow them to curb their energy spending.

And with the advent of home automation, even for dumb appliances, students are able to be more productive even when they’re not on campus.

Never worry about your flat mates hogging your bandwidth or snooping on your data

There was a time when student houses faced massive bandwidth clogging issues, as a handful of undergraduates relied on their broadband connection to study and entertain themselves at the same time.

With today’s students consuming over 50 hours of media a week across 5 different devices that can  create a lot of strain on any network. Not to mention the potential security concerns when students share networks. 

More sophisticated and affordable networks allow each member of the household to use their own SSID (service set identifier) and use Layer-2 isolation to isolate individual devices, so students can rest assured that their data is secure while the robust affordable connections today handle everyone’s needs.