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Best Healthy Alternatives

With obesity being an increasing concern in the UK, and the latest figures showing that a quarter of the English population are obese, it’s time to make Britain healthy again. Across England, 64.8% of people exceed their weight, with 40.4% of people classed as being overweight, and 24.4% of people are seen as obese.

Many of us may have a family member, a loved one or know of someone who suffers from obesity and unfortunately, although this number is already very high, it is still rapidly increasing. To tackle this growing problem, we, as a nation, need to act fast and effectively. 

One of the most beneficial ways to help reduce this figure is through eating healthily. Often healthy eating is ignored as many people see it as restricting themselves from eating the foods they love. However, you don’t have to stop eating your favourite foods, it’s a case of controlling your portion sizes and changing the little things in your diet that will benefit you immensely. For example, indulging in Matcha tea from Clearspring instead of your usual acidic fruit juices is a small change in your usual diet, however the benefits from this small change will benefit you infinitely. 

When we think about healthy options, we tend to think about foods that leave a sour taste in our mouth. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Although some healthy snacks don’t taste as good compared to our favourite junk foods, some healthy alternatives actually are surprisingly tasty.

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