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Best Classroom Pets

School pets give schoolchildren the opportunity to interact with animals and learn about them. In some schools they give you the opportunity to take the pet home, so you can look after the pet yourself. This will include feeding the animal keeping it entertained etc. This infographic from some of the best Education PR agencies around, have made this wonderful list full of some great classroom friendly pets. Such as Guinea pigs, because they are very to take care of, Guinea Pigs are most probably the most common classroom pets, based on how easy it is to take care of them.

Another great classroom pet would be a cold water fish. They are extremely cheap standing at £3-£6, the only food you will need for this pet is just fish food flakes, so they are very easy to take care of. The only other thing about having is that you will need to clean out the fish bowl once a week, which can be quite tedious at times.


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