Becoming A Scrabble Guru

Have you ever wished you could beat your proud friends in scrabble? Do you feel intimidated that you know fewer words as compared to your playmates and hoped you could prove a point by winning the game?

There is a way out. Driven by desire, we have found a sure way to help you to achieve your goals.

Anagrammer provides you with a fast anagram solution, unscrambling words and finding new words based on your search.

The program is designed for diving into multiple dictionaries to generate the highest scoring words. With Anagrammer, you will be able to learn new words, solve crosswords and sharpen the strategic skills that will make you unbeatable in Scrabble or even Words With Friends games.

Anagrammer enables you to beat your competition fair and square.

Here are some of the major categories of Anagrammer:

1. Scrabble tools

These are tools that will help you to solve scrabble problems quickly. This include:

Scrabble solver which is very fast, accurate and is regularly updated for word solving. It is prevalent, and most players use it to learn new words.

Scrabble score calculator which you can use to compute the scores of the words before you can decide on which one to go with.

This takes care of the assumption that the longer the word, the higher the score which is not usually the case.

With the calculator, you do not have to do the word calculations by yourself, which saves you time and makes the game even more enjoyable.

With Scrabble cheat, you get to beat the cheaters, whatever it takes for you to win the game!

Scrabble Cheat is a word finder that uses the entire board and is supported by most word games, including WordFeud and Lexulous. You can also play in multiple languages, namely English, Dutch or Italian.

Scrabble Board Solver allows you to place your tiles and answers directly on any board of your choice. It also works for other word games like Lexulous and WordFeud.

Other Scrabble tools that you can make use of to improve your game are Scrabble Word Lists and Scrabble dictionary, among others.

2. Find words

Anagrammer provides Find Words tools that can be used to help you unscramble words. These tools include:

Scrabble Word Lists are simply the best selection of words that can help you master the Scrabble game. 

Word Unscrambler is an online tool for solving scrambled words by generating valid words from puzzle games such as Wordscrapper, scrabble and Words With Friends.

3. Crosswords

Anagrammer has brought together the most extensive database comprised of words, their definitions and an ever-expanding database of clues and answers to your unsolved crossword puzzles through its Crossword Solver.

4. Boggle

You can now solve three by 3 and 5 by 5 Boggle puzzles with the Boggle Solver.

5. Study words

You can now become a Scrabble geek by using Jeopardy Flashcards by studying thousands of different questions from different archives from which you can choose your category to start learning instantly.

With the variety of tools that have been availed through Anagrammer, it is now easier more than ever to learn how to unscramble words and become a guru.