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Banking Services For Startups: Amaiz Review

Are you a start-up, small business and is tired of having business banking services issue? Do you change your banking service every other month?

There is a study that about 22% of the fast-growing business changed their accounts in these past 12 months. There can be several reasons why they had to change their bank accounts.

As a small business or a start-up, you need to be sure that your banking service is fair and clear. You have to make decisions promptly.

Banking service is one of the most important factors while running a business. It can be difficult for small enterprises to choose from a pile of current financial services.

They need to see which is ideal for them. You don’t need to search further. One of the fastest-growing and easy to use banking services is Amaiz.

Amaiz is one of the banking services that provide ease of mind for small enterprises. It is available with several features and the availability of other factors. Let's break down them one by one.

What is Amaiz?

It is a premium banking service. Amaiz offers services not just too limited business. It offers services to all start ups, small enterprise, sole trader or any other new business in the market.

You can easily rely on its services. It is built wholly for new business and their workings. In this chaos of finding the right financial service Amaiz is available to help you. 

Why choose Amaiz?

There can be several reasons and benefits to choosing Amaiz. It simplifies your work. It enables you to see transactions made and done in no time.

Moreover, you can have it on your mobile phone as an app but also in the form of a web. It is built for improving daily banking for sole owners.

Unlike other banks, it gives you complete details of your transactions. Not only this but also it provides you with an amazing security system.

There are a variety of options available for maintaining security. These are biometrics to access the app, video identification, card control. A whole safe and reliable account is readily available for you.

In addition to these features like making invoices is present too. If you want to change your course of plan cash flow tool is also available.

It allows you to take a look at your current financial picture. If you want to have a separation between your business spending and personal spending Amaiz facilitates you with that as well.

Fair pricing

Amaiz benefits you with no additional charges. You can utilize this service with no hidden deductions.

Amaiz pricing consists of two major packages that are Amaiz Starter Package and Amaiz Advanced Package. Let's take a brief look at both of them.

Amaiz starter package

As there are no additional charges. Likewise, Amaiz Starter package has no monthly fee, no Intra bank transfer, no international transfer, and no bank transfer fee as well.

You can have a cash point with drawls by zero deductions. Also, the cash deposit-post office and cash deposit-pay point have zero charges too.

Not only this, but card reissue facility is given with zero hidden amount.

Amaiz advanced package

Amaiz Advanced Package is one of the most popular ones.

All the starter package features plus accountancy service and expert advice service are also available.

The monthly fee is £9.99 (includes VAT) too.

Like a wise starter package, it does not have extra charges.

No hidden amount is deducted for intra bank transfer, bank transfer. Similarly, zero deductions for cash point with drawls.

A cash deposit- post office also has no charges, and no charges for card reissue.