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Awesome drinking games perfect for university


Drinking games are fun and add to the fun factor at any party. There are many types of drinking games available today. The unique shot glass sets often come with game sets too. They are available easily at all the stores.

This cool shot glasses list can be your key to a more interesting party at your place when you are still in the university. There are many types of drinking games too that you can look forward to and a bit more color is added to your party when you opt for the unique shot glasses that are made available today. Here are some awesome designs which you can look forward to.

Barbuzzo 50 caliber shot glass

Designed like a 50 caliber bullet, this is one of the most unusual designs for a shot glass that one may ever encounter. These particular shot glasses are made from superior quality ceramics and are designed perfectly to retain the proper temperature of your drink. The finish and the design are such that it exactly replicates the 50caliber bullets. Each set contains two of these glasses.

Mug shots

The unemployed philosophers’ guild has come up with famous mug shots for the design of their liquor vessels. They have images of lucky luciano, pretty boy Floyd, Al Capone among many others. The shots have the images along with a bit of information about this legendary personalities printed on them. A set consist of 6 pieces of the shot glasses. The package is unique and comes with detailed information about responsible drinking and shooting.

Basketball shot glass drinking game

Consisting of 6 shot glasses and a miniature basketball court, the unique shot glass set design is perfect for enjoying the games of NBA finals with your friends. The rule of the board game is simple. The glasses are kept at the base of the board and the ball is kept beyond the 3 point arc. One has to shoot the ball and throw it through the hoop. Whoever succeeds in getting the ball through the basket would get a shot of their favorite drink.

Wingman shot glass

The wingman shot glass set is two glasses joined by a long acrylic tube in the middle. Fill the wingman with your favorite drink and while you drink from one shot glass, your wingman takes the other. This particular shot glass set is very popular among couples and have been put too much use at parties for couples in particular. The glass set can be put apart for cleaning easily which make this set a popular choice too among the users.

Doomed crystal skull shot glass

The doomed crystal skull is a unique shot glass design which looks like a skull submerged in the liquid. The idea may appear horrifying and morbid; it is still one of the hot selling items in major online stores. The artwork of these shot glasses makes them so popular and it is an excellent item to go with your cool kitchen gadgets too. If you are thinking of a Halloween party, these shot glasses are a must have among your kitchen wares.

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