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Academic Life

Academic life can be a tough time for us. It’s hard to keep up with absolutely everything that a University or college or school has to offer; from friendship, to guest speakers, to drinks deals, to expert feedback and critique. The academic atmosphere can often be too much for someone and a lot of people leave University or school early on as they were unable to stay organised under the massive amounts of work, and all of the social and hobby-based clubs and events there are on offer. From Bradford University, to the Ivy League to Queen Mary University in London, everyone struggles, it’s not just you, everyone struggles to meet deadlines, make friends and keep their sanity all at the same time. I went to University, and met great people, got involved in great projects, and still had time to type my essay up in the library, so here are a few tips to help you get started:

Be patient with yourself: 

It was only a few months ago you learnt how to write a personal statement and were filling out UCAS forms, and now you’ve got two three-thousand word essays, a powerpoint presentation and coursework essays to complete! It’s normal to feel overworked at University, sometimes tutors don’t understand the volume of work that you’re being set. But all you can do is relax and take your time, you may not always get the things done when you want to, but this is no reason to beat yourself up. As this can lead to a slippery slope of self-deprecation and depression. My advice would be to drag yourself to your lessons, even if it was 3 for 1 on jaegerbombs the night before! Your more use falling asleep in your lecture than you are falling asleep in bed. Also if you have a free day, don’t waste it doing little bits of work at home, get yourself to the library, once you’ve done a bit of work, have a break by all means. But you can have that break knowing that you’ve done some work you needed to do, and you are being active and not just sleeping the time away. If you’re having trouble with science

If you build it, they will come: 

Often people try to hard to make friends at University or school and they just end up bugging everyone that they’re with. This is why it is very important to look after yourself first and foremost. Do things that you enjoy to do, don’t just follow the crowd. If you like playing music, then head up to the music department and have a look at all the equipment they have to mess around with. Before you know it, you will meet someone else who also likes music, and you’ll be jamming along with them! If you like science, speak to your physics and maths tutor about any experiments you can do at home that are safe and might be enjoyable, people will definitely want to get involved as it is fun and boosts their learning. People react well to those that are enjoying themselves regardless of how others are acting. So take up some hobbies that you know you’ll enjoy and before you know it, you’ll have a group of friends that share the same interests as you!

Find time for yourself: 

With all the studying that you have to do throughout academic life, it can be hard to remember to relax sometimes. But relaxing and having time to yourself is vital as it allows for reflection and rejuvenation. Save at least two or three nights a week where you come home and put your feet up and do something you enjoy that takes little effort. Maybe watch a TV show you really enjoy or play video games (as long as you are doing homework and revision for an adequate amount of time on others days in the week). This will allow your brain to switch off and recharge for a bit, so you can come back to your studies feeling rejuvenated and less tired than before.

These are just a few tips and pointers on how to make your academic life easier, if you adhere to these three rules, you will find that your workload begins to get a bit less stressful and you have more of a high opinion of yourself due to time management and pride. It’s so important to remain confident and comfortable in your academic life, this maximises your chances of success in your education and your chances of getting a job that you enjoy in the future. Keep calm, find time for yourself, do your own thing, these are the most important things!

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