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9 Ways to Get Accepted into Your Chosen College

Securing a spot in your dream college is a goal for many, but the college admissions world can be a mysterious and confusing place. There are many applications sent out to each college, but unfortunately, there are limited seats available. So, how can you ensure that you get noticed?

1. Get an early start

Colleges want to see how much effort and emphasis you have placed on your education. Typically, people have a four-year plan; this plan has students thinking about college applications and how they can bolster their academic profile as early as eighth grade. 

Sit down and think about what you want to study and the requirements that you need to be successful. Some high school classes require early thinking; for example, if you want to take calculus as a senior, you will need to be studying geometry as a freshman so that you end up in pre-calculus as a junior. 

2. Gain the support of your friends and family

Preparing for and applying to colleges is a stressful time for any teenager. A lot of pressure is put on them, and this can cause mental anguish and a lot of issues down the line. Counter this stress by having friends and family to lean on, so you can speak with them and ask for guidance. If they are not able to give you the support you need, then there are school counselors who can offer you advice. You should also speak with any teachers who can offer useful guidance on how to apply for college. 

3. Meet with your guidance counselor and teachers

Your teachers have been through the application process themselves, and they can offer valuable insight on how to catch the eye of an admissions officer. Speak with your favorite teachers and discuss possible majors and the best courses and colleges to go for. They will also be able to hand over a great recommendation letter.

Furthermore, guidance counselors are trained for this; they know what makes applications stand out, what certain colleges and universities are looking for, and they can help you decide on the ideal university and major that suits you and your goals. 

4. Challenge yourself

Admissions officers like to emphasize that they look at your high school GPA, grades in college prep classes, test scores, and your curriculum. While all of this (and more) will impact whether you get in or not, you need to play to your strengths and interests. College is about more than how many APs you have under your belt; it also requires you to address and show off your passions. 

The same goes for applying for your masters. If you have a passion for what you are studying and the grades to match, then you do not have to spread yourself too thin by trying to be the best at everything. When it comes to applying for a masters, be sure to seek professional MBA admissions consultants or equivalent. 

5. Join clubs

Colleges are looking for well-rounded students who have interests and can help create a diverse college life. However, that doesn’t mean you can join a club and not participate. It is worth your time and energy to make your experiences count; show that you care about being in the poetry club by participating in slam poetry classes, etc. 

The admissions office wants to see if you can commit and gain something from experiences; that you are a person who enjoys being a part of something bigger. Of course, if you have family responsibilities, then you may not be able to participate as much as other students. Explain this, and they will take this into account.

6. Attend college fairs

College fairs give you the opportunity to visit as many colleges under one roof. Speak with admission representatives and ask as many questions as you can. They will have information for you to take away and revisit when you are making your final decisions. Some people will not be able to visit colleges in person, so this is the best way to deduce whether a university is right for you or if you need to research even further. 

7. Research and visit universities

The best way to research colleges is to visit college fairs but also speak with alumni, read reports, talk with current students, and visit the university in person. While you may not have the time or money to visit all the colleges you are considering, it is best to visit the one you have your heart set on. This is so that you can see how the university operates, how the students interact, the living quarters, and the facilities.

You never know, you may not like a university that is spread out across a busy city and would feel more comfortable with a campus setup. 

Check when universities are holding open days.

8. Apply early

For certain colleges, admission rates can be better if you apply early. You get your application in front of the admission officers before a large volume of them come through the post, and you get noticed because of this. You will also get an earlier decision; however, you do not have to confirm your decision until the normal reply date. This can reduce the amount of stress you may feel, as you can see which other colleges you can get into while having a confirmation from another already.

9. Be yourself

When colleges talk about numbers and qualities they are looking for, it is easy to see yourself as only a few numbers and your high school GPA. But you are much more than that; you have unique traits and a personality that can help you stand out.

While you want to be authentic, avoid being too casual. Your statements and entrance essays should reflect who you are as a person, but leave shorthand language and casual colloquialisms out of it. 

The best way to get accepted is to choose a college that has values, classes, and curricular activities that align with your best interests and your overall goal.