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8 Unusual Jobs to Try While Studying Overseas

Studying abroad can be rather challenging especially if you have to combine studies, work, and social life. Everything becomes even more complicated when you get into the foreign language environment. However, if you don’t want to depend on parents, you can’t lose the opportunity to earn some money. Try to manage your time and energy, and your life will be full and colorful. 

Below, we will tell you about extraordinary and unusual jobs that may be a great choice for the students who study abroad. Sure, you should consider your personal abilities, preferences, and skills while choosing a way to make a living. Some jobs require knowledge of the foreign language or professional skills, while the others are available for everyone.  

1. Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer

Is your knowledge of foreign language poor but you have an athletic build and know everything about a healthy lifestyle? Don’t hesitate to try your hand at the career of a personal trainer. You will probably need a certificate to work in a gym. If you have one, your resume will look more attractive for a future employer. In addition, working without the license can be risky from the viewpoint of possible injuries. Anyway, you can also compose individual training programs and hold informal consultations on a healthy diet.

2. Online Business

Wherever you are, the internet is always with you. Even if you are far from home, your business can travel together with you. Sure, the word “business” sounds like something extremely serious and complicated. In fact, starting your business is not as difficult as you think. You need an idea and a method of realization that doesn’t always require seed money. Moreover, you have probably heard about Kickstarter, the most popular funding platform in the world. This platform gives a chance to extraordinary and innovative projects: unusual toys, vegan food, hand-made accessories, eco-friendly devices, etc. Everything you need is a good presentation, and your business, small or big, will succeed.  

3. Copywriter or Writer

The world of writing is truly vast. Depending on your preferences and skills, you can choose any of these positions: creative writer, essay writer, academic writer, technical writer, and, finally, copywriter. The best thing about this profession is diversity. You can write the texts about anything you want and find a niche that will be profitable and, at the same time, interesting for you. Sure, your writing skills have to be quite awesome. You can start from easier texts and practice regularly in order to complete more difficult and well-paid tasks. 

4. Photographer or Foreign Correspondent

You study abroad, so use this privilege to find a better job. The profession of photographer or foreign correspondent will be the greatest choice for journalism students. Sure, you will need some kind of equipment but what can be better than turning your hobby into a source of revenue? Moreover, your trips around the country of study can be sponsored by the newspapers or magazines owners. There are people who make this profession their life choice and travel around the planet for decades looking for unusual things, people, and places to capture.

5. Barista

A flavor of coffee, warm milk, and cinnamon is the best way to start a day. If you agree with this statement, the position of barista can be very attractive for you. You should remember that this job doesn’t only require making coffee but also constant communication with clients and maintaining cleanliness. If these work duties don’t frighten you, you can start looking for vacancies immediately!

6.  Professional Shopper

Do you really like to go shopping? In this case, it will be shocking for you to discover that some people hate shopping so much that they are ready to pay strangers who would buy clothes and food for them. Actually, hatred is not the only reason why some people need professional shoppers. A lack of time doesn’t allow wasting it in the malls or markets. 

The beginners can start from simple tasks like buying particular food according to the list provided by a client. More experienced shoppers accomplish really challenging tasks. The clients ask them to buy some new clothes or choose new furniture. A synthesis of work experience and sense of style guarantee a high salary.

7. Cuddler

The technologies allow us to stay at home and still live a full social life. There are people who support this novelty, and the ones who prefer traditional channels for communication. In a modern world, face-to-face communication has become a rather rare phenomenon. So rare, that few people are ready to pay to get a high-quality hug. 

Professional cuddlers earn an average of $50 for a one-hour session. This service is new but is already well-known. The cuddlers make their clients feel comfy and relaxed. Before a session, a client and a cuddler sign a special agreement that includes a range of rules. The first one and the most significant is that a session is a non-sexual experience. If you are not afraid of touching strangers and ready to express your affection, you might be interested in this unusual profession!

8. Professional Instagrammer 

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Imagine how many people may see an outside advertisement during the day. Few hundreds, maybe few thousands? Now, look at the number of followers who wait for new photos of their favorite Instagram profiles. Popular Instagrammers have millions of followers all around the world. They can promote products and services with their accounts, create sponsored posts, or develop their own online business. So, stop taking photos of your food and create a unique account that will help you to make money! 

The perfect job exists only in an imaginary world. Sometimes, all of us need some rest and relaxation. However, a favorite job will make your life brighter: you will get new experience, meet interesting people, and, of course, earn some money. You shouldn’t limit yourself to the list provided above. Still, we hope that our article has inspired you enough to start looking for your dream job right now!

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