The 8 Best College Essay Writing Tips You Can't Afford to Miss

Just when you thought college admission requirements couldn’t get any more complex, you get hit with another curve ball: the college essay. What used to be no more than an optional essay in high school has now become the most important piece of your application packet, making up 15% of your final grade (1/3 of your overall GPA). As such, you can’t afford to miss out on these 8 best college essay writing tips without any other essay help!

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1) Commit yourself

Commit yourself to writing a first draft as soon as possible, instead of getting caught up in planning and rewriting. Procrastination is probably one of your biggest obstacles; it’s so easy for college essay writers to avoid actually writing their essays! But being too focused on perfecting what you’re going to write can keep you from ever starting it. The more time you spend thinking about an essay before you start writing it, the less time you have to actually write it. The best way to get started is just to start—don’t wait until inspiration strikes or until everything else on your plate has been completed (or at least finished). Just get started, and then keep working at it until you finish—even if that means doing some editing along the way. As long as you don’t pay for essay, you’re still making a gain.

2) Understand the purpose

The purpose of a college essay is to persuade an admissions officer that you should be admitted. Your essay needs to convince admissions officers that they can’t afford not to admit you. If your application is strong, your essays don’t need to be perfect, but if your application isn’t as strong as you want it to be, don’t waste time on essays that aren’t going to move you closer toward admission.

3) Think about structure

Whether it’s a ten-page term paper or a 30-second elevator pitch, you need to have a structure in place before you begin writing. What are your three main points? How do they connect with each other? What supporting evidence and examples will you use? When planning out your essay, keep these questions in mind. It will help guide your thinking, ensuring that each part of your essay is crucial.

4) Consider who your audience is

With so many students entering college, it's a real challenge for admissions officers to find ways of making each essay stand out from all of its competitors. So when you're writing your college essays, remember that admissions officers are looking for something more than just well-written and articulate pieces. In fact, there's one thing that all successful college essays share in common, and if you can master it, you're sure to get accepted into your dream school!

5) Write it yourself, unless you have a real reason not to

While it’s often tempting to buy your way out of challenges, that’s rarely a good move. Though there are many situations in which hiring a college essay writing service is appropriate, there are also times when students should put their noses to the grindstone and write their essays themselves. After all, you want college admissions officers and professors—as well as prospective employers—to know that you not only have talent, but you are capable of hard work as well.

6) Avoid clichés and mistakes

Writing college essays can be challenging, and it’s easy to make simple mistakes that may put your application in jeopardy. Make sure you avoid these common essay writing pitfalls 1) Don’t write about high school. 2) Avoid clichés like I was a late bloomer academically but I made up for lost time by working hard when I got to college. 3) Don’t use words like admittedly, obviously, or to my chagrin. 4) Make sure every sentence is necessary and contributes something valuable to your essay.

7) Get someone else to proofread

Proofreading your essay is obviously an important part of a successful application. Make sure you don’t miss any grammar or spelling mistakes, and get someone else to proofread for you—your parents, teachers, friends, or anyone ( who is willing can help with your essay. Proofreading is especially important if English isn’t your first language; even native speakers will make mistakes from time to time!

8) Show off your personality in your essay

Admissions officers are looking for smart, motivated students who will contribute to campus life and make their institution a better place. So even if you’re submitting multiple applications, it’s important to convey your personality in each one. Don’t be afraid to tell admissions officers a bit about yourself—it just might help you get in.


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