7 Ways Students Can Make Money From Their Dorm Room

When you start your college journey, you'll quickly learn that you've taken on a world of responsibilities. For those who are moving away from home for the first time, you may be overwhelmed as you navigate new challenges.

For the first time, you might have to pay bills on your own, set a budget for spending, and come up with ways to make cash for food and other expenses.

Not everyone in college can find a job because they may have a rigorous school schedule. Luckily there are some quick and easy ways to make money online.

Thanks to the increasing importance of technology in our day to day lives, you can make money from your dorm room.

The benefits of working from your dorm room

If you're a full time student, you'll want something that won't take up a huge chunk of time but still provide you with an adequate amount of cash.

Often times when you make money online, you can set your own schedule. This means you're never confined to certain days and hours.

It gives you the freedom to work as little or as often as you need too. Having that flexibility is important because you'll want to find something that you enjoy doing, that pays what you need, and offers you the option to choose what you're interested in.

Find a company with remote positions

When beginning your job search, the first thing you should do is evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. If you're a good writer, then start searching for publishing entities like magazines or newspapers that are hiring for remote positions.

From there, you can choose your niche as well whether that be parenting magazines, lifestyle blogging, or newspapers.

If you're more interested in a big corporation, check and see if you can find a receptionist job that allows you to work from home.

There are so many companies that offer remote positions. It's up to you to find the one that fits. Here are several different ideas for remote positions which will help you make money in college.

1.) Work for a call centre

If you love talking on the phone, enjoy problem-solving, and want to be the voice for a company then start by looking into remote call center positions. When you take on a job like that, you'll typically need a computer, a cell phone, and an internet connection.

Essentially what you'll be doing is answering and making calls for a company right from the comfort of your home.

Many large corporations offer these positions, especially during their busy season which is typically around holidays.

You'll be answering customers questions, helping them navigate websites and instructions, and telling them how to solve a problem they may have. The company will give you specific guidelines to follow as well.

2.) Become a virtual assistant

If you love to work closely with a person, consider becoming a virtual assistant. Sometimes, people are too busy to keep up with their daily lives and that's where you'll come into play.

You'll be doing tasks like managing their schedule, making phone calls on their behalf, responding to their emails, and running their social media accounts.

Occasionally, they may have you run tasks that require you to leave your dorm room.

Most tasks, however, can be completed right from the comfort of your own bed as long as you have a computer and a cellphone.

3.) Write articles for money

If you're a fairly decent writer, you can find so much work. Writing isn't everybody's strong suit and that means, there will always be articles that need to be written.

To find work as a writer, you can sign up for a variety of different websites that are looking for freelancers.

If you want to write for a specific publication, you can check out their website and find their guidelines for submissions.

Most freelance work pays per article which means you can set your own rate. You can also write as little or as many articles as you'd like until you hit your money goal for the week or month.

4.) Run a social media account

Businesses are frequently looking for help running their social media accounts. This is perfect for anyone who may be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter savvy.

A company will pay you to promote their business on social media, create blog posts, and respond to a customer's complaint, concern, or review.

You can find a business which specializes in what you love such as beauty products, clothes, food, appliances, and more. This is the perfect job for anyone who may be witty, creative, and a strong writer.

5.) Teach children in different countries

If you have an educational background, there are many remote teaching positions. This is a great way to further your learning while making some extra cash.

Most of these remote teaching positions entail teaching children English in different countries.

You'll need to read the specific requirements for each position. All of them will require a laptop with a webcam and internet access.

Some may require a bachelor's degree but others will accept you as long as you're pursuing an education degree.

6.) Do odd jobs for other students

If you don't have a computer, you don't have to worry. There are still plenty of odd jobs you can do for your fellow students. If you're somebody who likes to tidy up, offer to clean other dorm rooms around you.

If you enjoy doing laundry, offer to do that for friends for a small fee. Sometimes your fellow students can get super busy with their own lives. I

f you see something that they could use your help with, offer to do it for a fee. Chances are, they'll take you up on it.

7.) Offer editing services for other students

A final way to make money from your door room is by offering editing services. If a fellow student needs their paper checked over for grammatical errors, offer to do that for some money.

You can offer peer-review services for a small fee. Make sure you're only looking over papers for small errors and not writing them.

That could get you in trouble. Another easy way to make some cash is to offer to help other people with their resumes or cover letters when searching for a job.

The importance of finding a remote job

It's important to make money in college so that you can stay on top of your finances, student loans, bills, and expenses.

There's nothing worse than falling behind, becoming stressed about money, and losing your focus in college. That can negatively impact your grades and your overall well-being.

It's important to always have a way that you can make money from your door room. If you ever find yourself falling behind, you can quickly pick up one of these odd jobs.

The more jobs you have in your back pocket, the better off you will be. If one isn't looking for a remote employee currently, hop around until you find one that is.

Different jobs will be hiring at different times and it's up to you to keep searching until you find the one that works best for you.