7 Ways To Improve Your Literacy

Paradoxical as it may sound in our age of advanced technology, there are still many people who struggle to write without mistakes.

Today, the relevance of literacy is being sidelined, as Google has a giant list of services. They will point out mistakes, suggest proper words, and much more.

In fact, you gain certain benefits as dictionaries and printed books are faded into the background. Life becomes easier, but is it good? Apparently, no, as your literacy may suffer a lot.

What does it mean to be literate? Literacy primarily determines the level of education and culture, it forms human intelligence.

Only a person who can express his or her thoughts clearly and competently in words and on paper is deeply respected.

Everyday routines to boost your writing skills

You should not be ashamed of your choice to increase your literacy level.

Whatever career level you have reached, you should always strive to become even better. It is easy to write without any errors, and it is fun to learn, no matter what purpose you have.

You can dream of becoming a great novelist, or you may just want to learn to express your thoughts and ideas more clearly.

Becoming a great writer requires practice and knowledge. But it is realistic. Introduce the following tips into your everyday routine, and the result will not take long. 

1. Read

Find some time for reading. It is impossible to skillfully express your thoughts on paper without reading hundreds of books.

The classics are the best choice. In the old books, you will find the most appropriate construction of sentences, since modern literature may contain some shortcomings.

Reading will improve your spelling as well as refill your vocabulary.

Besides, you will learn interesting expressions and stylistic techniques. You may start from recommended lists of modern books that will hone your writing. 

2. Buy a dictionary

Do not avoid looking into the dictionary. It is the main instrument of professional proofreaders.

A spelling dictionary on the desktop is a quick way to check if you are spelling the word properly.

Online thesaurus like Lexipedia can also become your perfect assistant. 

3. Write short stories 

It is important to write daily, so you begin to create a new habit. Writing every day will soon become natural for you.

No one can create great stories and articles if he has never tried. But, as they say, slow and steady wins the race. 

4. Write dictations

Ask someone to dictate texts to you. This is a kind of test of your knowledge and skills.

Dictations are useful when you have already reached a certain level of literacy.

5. Start a diary

The diary is not only a great tool for introspection but also your draft for honing your writing skills.

Here you can describe everything that happened to you during the day. At the same time, pay attention to each sentence and try to understand which word and phrase are more suitable.

Coming up with metaphors will also be a great exercise, find a metaphor for your day or event.

2. Retell texts

In ordinary life, we do not need a lot of words to convey and explain information. So your vocabulary should be enriched.

For this, read and retell the stories. You do not need to learn them by heart but try to deliver the story without losing its details.

Thus, you will constantly need to dig in your mind for new words and expressions.

3. Exercise

Transfer your knowledge to paper. Write down new words, interesting phrases, proverbs, sayings, and more.

You can master rhyming, word formation, sentences, pick up synonyms, antonyms, etc.

4. Online resources to enhance your writing

Sometimes specialised sites come to the rescue. You may find a lot of helpful hints and rules that would contribute to your writing skills.


It is the most popular grammar checker. It thoroughly analyzes the context of your writing and spots even the most subtle mistakes. The service also gives recommendations about the correctness, clarity, and delivery of the text. It will explain in detail why a particular choice of word or punctuation mark was wrong. So this is not only a grammar check but also an efficacious mini-grammar lesson. After all, we learn best from our mistakes.

Pro Essay Writer 

Here you will find many useful hints on how to enhance your writing skills. Plenty of editing tips will make your text look more professional and engaging. You will also learn a lot about different writing techniques.


This service will perform readability, grammar, and spelling check of your text. Besides, it will suggest how and where to make improvements. You will also get a readability score as a grade level. It will give you an understanding of what audience will perceive the writing with ease.

ESOL Courses

A great resource for practicing writing skills that offers free online lessons. You will be offered many exercises to brush up your language. There are courses for beginners, word games and puzzles, memory games. The interactive approach makes the training process easy and enjoyable.


You will find this platform helpful for improving writing skills and grammar. A fun approach to learning grammar rules will bring a brilliant result very soon.

Hemingway App

This site will check the clarity, consistency, and easy readability of your text. The application will proofread your content for perfect grammar and style. All the issues are displayed in color, and it makes it easy to edit your writing.
If you set a goal and do everything to achieve it, you will improve your literacy very soon. Everyone has a different level, someone needs a month, and the other may need half a year. The main thing here is routine. Try to allocate at least twenty minutes for the above exercises or resources, and the results will impress you.

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Eliza Medley is an experienced tutor, educator and psychologist. She is fond of blogging, motivation articles and education tips. Follow @Eliza_Medley on Twitter.