7 Apps That Will Make Your Studies Less Boring

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you feel burned out, tired, and bored of all your studies? We bet that this feeling is familiar to everyone who has ever been at school, college, or university.

For many decades, education was considered to be something important, but extremely uninspiring. Most of us go to college just because we have to.  

Indeed, what can be enjoyable in an endless thread of challenges, homework, and issues? True, college time can be tough. However, studying can also be fun, and this article is here to prove this point.

Studying Made Fun: Top 7 Apps Every Student Should Have

Today, the number of services and tools designed to help you study with ease is huge. Just look at the number of services where students can come and ask “please, write my essay for me at EssayPro.com,” and receive a flawless paper right before the deadline. And there are many other tools that make studies truly simple.

Yet, though there are tools that ease your academic struggle, we all know that it remains quite boring. Isn’t college supposed to be fun, you may ask? 

Luckily for you, there are some ways to make it fun. And, there are also tools that are designed to make studying less boring and much more enjoyable!

In the list below, we have gathered some of the coolest apps that will make your studies much more exciting.

1. Photomath

If you are not particularly good at numbers, chances are that a calculator is your day-to-day study partner. Today, every smartphone features an inbuilt calculator that makes performing complex math tasks rather simple. 

For everyone looking for a less boring but yet effective alternative, Photomath is a great solution. It has been numerously ranked as one of the best math apps out there.

It's simple - all you need is to take a picture of a problem or question, and the tool will take you to a solution step by step.

2. Duolingo

Being bilingual in the modern world has a huge value. People who know multiple languages have a broader range of professional and personal opportunities.

However, we all know that learning a foreign language can cause lots of pain. Not to mention how much time, patience, dedication, and practice it takes.

If you are still up for the challenge, there is this one app that can change your idea of language learning once and forever.

Duolingo is a trending tool that makes it a piece of cake. It enables you to master a wide range of languages in a gamified form. It is easy to use, fun, and very effective!

3. Quizlet

If you had to tell what is the most boring part of being a college student, what would you say? We bet that many learners would answer that nothing feels as boring and tiring as test prep. 

Getting ready for numerous tests and exams can barely be called fun. It is a tedious and time-consuming process that, among other things, can put lots of stress and anxiety on you. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! If you want to make test prep less boring, all you need is the Quizlet app.

It is a fun and yet effective solution. It offers a wide range of study modes, including test and match, flashcards, learning, and others. Each will help you get the hang of the needed topics quickly and easily.

4. HumanSim

This next app is perfect for healthcare students looking to make their study sessions more interactive and engaging.

HumanSim is an innovative game that simulates a wide range of complex, rare, and high-risk healthcare procedures. It lets you apply your knowledge in practice and, at the same time, have lots of fun.

We bet that all future healthcare professionals will find this game really exciting. And, it is also effective. It helps you get a unique virtual and safe experience that will boost your skills and help you get more confident in your actions.

5. Udemy

We bet that you all will agree that in our world, there are so many interesting things to learn.

What if you could study just anything you want? Wouldn’t that be fun? If your answer is yes, then Udemy is a perfect choice for you!

It is one of the cutting-edge apps that focus on interactive, flexible, and not boring education.

It is a platform that delivers a huge number of fun programs, video tutorials, courses, and lectures right into your smartphone or laptop. 

6. 4D Anatomy

Needless to say that sciences related to the human body can be pretty hard to master.

Medicine students are facing lots of additional challenges compared to their fellows from other faculties. No wonder why there are so many tools, apps, and solutions designed specifically for them.

One more cool app for healthcare, medicine, and anatomy students on our list is called 4D Anatomy.

This is a fun AR tool that lets you look inside the human body to understand the complex processes that take place in it. The app is fully interactive, simple in use, and quite engaging too.

7. Chemistry AR

Are you learning Chemistry? If yes, you should probably agree that such complex sciences can get extremely boring. Luckily, there is an app that changes this.

Chemistry AR is one of the most exciting AR apps for students. It brings the elements of the periodic table right to your hands and lets you create lots of chemical compounds in an easy and fun way.

This app is an absolute must-have for everyone looking to learn Chemistry, but not willing to do it in a boring way.