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6 Ways to Prepare for University

Attending university is more than a little bit exciting. Not only will you gain independence, but you will be able to embrace your favourite subject and make new friends along the way. Yet, there are also some important tasks you need to perform before Freshers’ Week. Read the six ways to prepare for university.

1. Open a Student Bank Account

You will need a bank account to receive student loans, as well as for a salary if you take on a part-time job during your studies. Many banks can provide student bank accounts, which often provide a free overdraft facility up to £3,000. You’ll also receive a debit card, and may receive incentives for joining, such as a student railcard or monthly cashback offers for select retailers. Do your homework to discover the best student account for your needs.

2. Find Accommodation

Are you fleeing the nest to attend university? If so, you will need to find luxurious student accommodation as soon as possible. There might potentially be thousands of students looking for the best and most affordable accommodation in a city, so you must aim to secure a student living space once you have been accepted onto a course to avoid disappointment.

3. Create a Budget

Many students are often filled with glee at the sight of their student loans in their bank account. Yet, before you go off spending, you must sit down and create a realistic budget. The money will only last so long throughout your course, so you must identify what you need to pay for and when you will need to pay it, such as rent, transport costs, utilities, and groceries. Anything left over will be a bonus.

4. Secure a Part-Time Job

You might be surprised by how quickly you will spend your student loan on food and bills, which is why you might need to secure a part-time job to top up your bank balance. The extra income will ensure you have enough money to live each month, and it will also look great on your CV. Try to find employment that offers the flexibility you need for studying, such as weekend or evening employment at a retail store, bar or restaurant.

5. Join Social Media Groups

Are you worried about making no friends at university? Give yourself a head start by joining different groups on social media. For example, you can start following your university’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to learn more about campus life. Your university might also provide private social media groups that allow freshers to connect with one another online before their first day. So, you could make friends or find flatmates before you even arrive on campus.

6. Learn to Cook

Don’t live your student life on noodles and beans. Learn how to cook before moving out to ensure you can create tasty dishes for both you and your roommates. This will ensure you will never feel hungry throughout your course, and you can also enjoy more nutrients in your diet. There are many cookbooks and student-friendly recipes online to help you get started, and you could even ask Mum or Dad for tips on how to recreate their signature dishes.

This post was written by Maggie Hammond, a retired nurse and freelance writer, exploring and writing in the U.S. in retirement. An advocate for public health and nursing qualifications, she feels passionate about raising awareness of the current strain on public health organisations.