5 Ways to Prepare for Applying to a Job Digitally

The landscape of the professional world has transformed over the past several years,  thanks in large part to the global COVID-19 pandemic. It's also due to the rapid proliferation of remote work technology. People no longer need to be present at an office to work for a company. Similarly, the job recruitment process has gone digital.

Companies now have access to more digital tools like online job boards and recruitment agency software than ever before. These online tools allow them access to candidates from across the globe. Companies who use online recruitment agency software or other internet-based tools to find and sift through potential candidates often don't have a human running the initial screening process anymore. Instead, they rely on technology or AI to find the best people to fill positions. This can make it particularly tough for a candidate to get through the initial application screening process. Studies show that for every online job posting, 250 people apply, but only 5 get initial interviews. 

So, if you are on the hunt for a new job, you might need to change your game plan and take advantage of digital systems to apply for an open position. Understanding the digital job application process before you begin applying is critical to your success. Let's cover five helpful tips to help you apply for a job online to increase your odds of getting noticed by both agency recruitment software programs and hiring managers.

Make Sure You Apply for the Right Role

Before you even take the time to apply, make sure you are applying for a job that is a good fit. Whether your application gets handled by humans or AI within the recruiting software, make sure that your resume and personal statements showcase your job-related qualifications and meet the job requirements. You should also be clear about any relevant training experience that applies to this position. 

Tailor Each Unique Application

It can be tempting to submit a generic CV and letter to all open jobs on the online job boards or via recruiting agency software. However, if you want the company to consider you for a position, you need to take the time to tailor each of your applications. Cover letters should match the company's open position description. Read about the intricacies of each available job. Also, show you will mesh with the company's culture by adopting similar language and values to what is used in the job description and found on their website.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Proofreading is an essential step if you want a company to enter you into their digital candidate database or recruitment agency CRM software as a potential hire. Take the time to make sure your applications are free of all errors. There should be no mistakes or typos in your cover letter, CV, or personal statement. Complete your job application fully, take a break, and then return to each application with fresh eyes.

After the break, spend some time proofreading what you've done. Job recruiting systems may flag and discard applicants whose application materials have errors. That's because recruiting software weeds out candidates who are sloppy or careless. Don't get your application thrown out on a technicality! Proofread every word.

Don't Apply Twice to the Same Company

Sometimes, companies post multiple open jobs at once. Only apply to a company for one position at a time. You don't want to confuse a company's digital recruitment system or recruitment agency CRM by applying multiple times—this could result in your application getting flagged as spam or cause an error. Avoid looking like you'll accept any job. Companies usually want someone specifically looking for their role; not someone who is willing to do anything.

Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

Before you submit your digital job application, carefully clean up and curate your public social media presence. You want to appear professional online. Keep your profiles clear of anything that makes you seem scandalous, polarizing, or like an unfit candidate. More than 75% of recruiters believe that screening someone's public social media presence is a good way to vet them. So, make sure that what's out in public adequately and appropriately displays your skills and persona.

Before You Hit Send

Ultimately, recruitment agency software and other digital recruiting tools can make applying for jobs easier and more convenient—but also trickier. However, online recruiting connects more people than ever before, matching the best candidates with optimal positions. Digital recruitment tools allow you to find jobs all over the globe—not just where you are geographically located. They also enable companies to consider you even if you don't live near their physical office. Take the time to prepare carefully for the digital job application process. You will be more likely to land an interview—and ultimately end up in a role that helps you meet your professional goals.