5 Ways to Further Your Education

People often say that learning should be a lifelong endeavor. There are several reasons why this is the case. More education can enhance your career. It can also enrich your personal life. Continuing to learn throughout your life is also good for your brain. Below are several formal and informal ways that you can continue your education.

Get a College Degree

This is the classic way of pursuing more education, and if you don't have a degree, or you have one but you're looking for a career change, getting a bachelor's degree may be your first step. Even if you go to college with a major in mind, you'll have many opportunities to explore other fields, and this could set you on a completely different life path. If you're concerned about how you will pay for it, there is plenty of federal aid available. In addition, you can take out private student loans to cover the costly tuition balance.

Look for Certificate Programs

If you've already got a degree or four years of college isn't really what you're looking for, you might want to consider a certificate program. These vary widely in what is on offer and their usefulness. In some cases, a certificate might significantly improve your career prospects or could be a requirement. This might be the case for teachers or if you are trying to advance in accounting. A certificate could also show that you have acquired certain technical skills. Some programs may offer a certificate for an additional fee. Before you pay for this, make sure that the certificate is worthwhile. In some cases, it may be mostly the knowledge that is valuable.

Find a MOOC

MOOCs, or massive online open courses, have become so common that they are often not referred to as MOOCs anymore. There are many free online courses, some through organizations that are set up with a specific online education focus and others that are associated with brick-and-mortar universities. This can be a great way to learn a little more about a topic that you're interested in or to find out if you want to pursue education more formally in a certain subject.

Download Apps

There are many apps that can help you learn a variety of different things, from languages to money savings tips to playing an instrument and much more. Many of them work better in conjunction with or as a supplement to other resources, but they are generally easy to use when you have a few spare minutes and employ gamification to help keep you motivated.

Workplace Training

Your workplace may offer opportunities for training. Some of these may be very specific to the place where you work, such as training on specific procedures or systems. However, there may also be opportunities to learn new software or other skills that you could take with you to other jobs. Some employers may also pay for college classes or other educational endeavors. It's worth checking with your human resources department to see if this is a possibility.