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5 Tips To Help You Write a Brilliant Research Paper

Academic writing is a challenging task for many students because it requires time, effort, and lots of work. With the end of the semester approaching, it will soon be time for students to submit their research papers at schools and universities. Even though writing a research paper can seem stressful and too tiring, the process is not as difficult as it sounds. As long as you stay organized and follow a well-structured outline, the task ahead of you shouldn’t be too challenging. Here are five essential tips to make sure the process goes smoothly.

#1 Always Start With Sources

The best way to start the research writing process is to supply yourself with a variety of reputable sources. Academic papers must be based on facts, statistics, and proper research, not on students’ personal opinions. Therefore, you must look for proven facts and ideas about the set topic before you start writing. Sources such as Google Scholar or Google Books, as well as any sites that end in .gov or .edu, can help you find valuable information. Students can also check online libraries for scientific articles, journals, and books. It is crucial to put together a list of sources as the first step of your writing process. This will allow you to create an outline that you can follow from the introduction to the conclusion of the paper.  Besides collecting valuable sources, make sure to write notes next to each source to remember how and where that information can be included in the paper. 

#2 Keep Your Data Safe Along the Way

Unwanted security incidents are the last thing a student needs when writing a research paper. Unfortunately, students are often so overwhelmed by college responsibilities that they forget about online security. Those who prefer studying in libraries and public spaces are exposed to a variety of security threats, especially when using open WiFi networks. A VPN or virtual private network can help protect your data while you’re studying and doing research in public spaces. VPNs can provide full anonymity while connected to open networks by encrypting data and traffic going to and from the user’s device. Other benefits of using a VPN include the ability to access restricted content and change your virtual location. 

#3 Divide Your Work

It is easy to get lost in deadlines if you don’t plan the writing process ahead of time. Without efficient time management, it will be difficult to focus on writing as best as you can. However, students can easily handle even the most challenging writing tasks simply by dividing their work into small activities. If you dedicate at least one hour per day to academic writing, you will find it easier to complete the entire project. Therefore, split the writing process into smaller tasks such as crafting an outline, finding sources, and analyzing each source one by one. Then tackle one task per day until the writing process is complete.

#4 Cite Sources Properly

One of the most difficult challenges when it comes to academic writing is citing the sources. Incorrect citations can result in plagiarism, which leads to serious consequences such as failing the assignment or even the entire course. To avoid these problems, students must learn to cite sources properly using the given citation styles, like APA or MLA. Online reference tools, such as can help you craft citations quickly by inserting your sources in their software. is another great solution to avoid making errors in your paper.

#5 Save Time For Editing

Last but not least, it is essential to save time for editing the paper. Calculate how much time you have for the project and don’t forget to save a few days before the deadline to focus on editing. Having time to go through the paper and edit all the bits and pieces will help students improve their work before submitting it. It is also recommended to have someone else read the text to get an objective opinion and suggestions. Besides, if you finish the paper ahead of time, you won’t feel pressured to put it together before the time is up. Students who manage their time effectively and don’t stress about deadlines are more likely to achieve better results.


Academic writing is one of the students’ biggest nightmares in schools and universities. However, the writing process does not have to be so stressful and complicated. Following these five steps will help you write a brilliant research paper without sleepless nights and stressful breakdowns. Do proper research and list your sources before you start writing. Divide your work into smaller tasks to handle it more easily and don’t forget to stay safe online when studying in libraries and other public places.