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5 Steps to Finding the Right Career For Students

The reality of life is that you need to plan everything. It is imperative to know what possible careers you can choose, as early as high school. This article will guide you into building the right foundation for your life.

Students have asked themselves at least once in their education life a critical question – ‘what’s next?’ First of all, think about how you can find a decent job and what you need for this aim.

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Now back to the subject matter, here are five steps you need to take in finding the right career: 

1. Self-assessment 

Everyone has distinct talents and abilities. You must know your strengths to determine where you are the best. Thus, self-assessment can help you learn more about yourself.

Also, it can help bring out your skills, interests, and characters, and help you choose the ideal career. Self-evaluation needs you to be careful about yourself and what you wish to do. 

A wrong career can mess up your life as it will reduce your productivity levels. Again, you are supposed to be realistic when choosing a career.

You are the best judge in your life as you know what you can and cannot do. Avoid picking a career out of peer pressure or wrong advice, even from your next of kin. You are the one to take on the career and not anyone else. Hence, you should check on yourself more than listening to what others advise you to pick.  

Another brilliant way to achieve this is through career tests. With this, you can quickly unearth the hidden talents and abilities you never imagined to have.

At some point in high school, some students get this opportunity to take a career or personality tests. Many might have ignored this process, but it is quite necessary. They act as a tool to self-discovery as you get to know what career suits you comfortably. 

An ideal career test should be reliable and authentic. In this case, its summary should coincide with the results. And this should be consistent over several attempts.

As a student, you equally need to interpret the results and use them to your advantage. Having a list of options to choose from is not enough, as you still need to settle on one.

Therefore, that test is only meant to guide you into picking one career that suits you the most. 

2. Identify and follow your passion 

Since you will probably be spending a lot of hours at your workplace, you need to choose a career that you are passionate about. Passion is not all about the remuneration.

Unfortunately, many students assume that a good job that one should be passionate about involves enormous chunks of money.

Look for a job that gets you off bed excited and in high spirits, ready for the day's tasks. It would be baseless earning a lot of money and lacking fundamental happiness. What counts is your job or career satisfaction and not the money you make.

You should pick a career that will keep you engaged without creating a feeling of despair or sadness. A good career is one which time flies without you noticing. And this starts by identifying what your passion is.

Most students know their passion but tend to ignore, opting for careers that will make them crazy cash. While this is great for your growth and success, it is not long term. Nothing hurts more than choosing a wrong career. And the worst-case scenario is picking the one that you detest.

You won't have any motive or incentive to work, and thus, you will be less-performing.

Also, a common notion exists where students pick their careers based on what parents or relatives and friends suggest. This is an archaic narrative, and you should avoid it as a millennial.

None of the people pushing you to choose a particular career will help you through. If you think that joining writers will give you satisfaction, then go ahead. 

3. Network 

Networking is vital, especially when you are fresh from school and need to kickstart your career. When you meet with people who have the experience, they can help to shape you and your future. This is because they are better placed to tell you what is right or wrong.

This information will help you to know how best to handle career choices. Networking is equivalent to testing the depth of water so that you come up with the way forward. It also gives you an insight into what it's like working in different careers.

From this, you can decide if the said conditions fit you or not. Several surveys place networking at the top of factors that help students fill in jobs and choose the right career paths. 

4. Get a mentor 

We all are successful due to the help of each other. And this is the reason why you need a mentor to help you shape your career.

Depending on what you are seeking, different mentors exist to help you succeed.

Also, don’t be afraid of getting a mentor due to financial constraints. Some are free and won’t charge you a dime. You can get most of your mentors through networking. 

5. Have an action plan 

The main reason behind all these steps is to finally come up with an action plan that is precise and helpful. You need to devise a way you will use to achieve your goals.

The plan you come up with is what will help you get there. It will also help you know how you will achieve what you want and the methods that you might need to employ.

Your plan should encompass the long and short term goals that will guide you as you start. Preferably, your short term goals should be those that need roughly a year to get done.

And on the other hand, the long term goals should be achievable after several years, though not so many. In this plan, you also need to come up with possible challenges and how to deal with them.