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5 Ridiculously Cheap Marketing Courses on Great Courses Plus

Are you a prospective business owner thinking about joining the entrepreneurial wagon? Or have you already started your business and looking for ways to market it both through print and digital media?

Business marketing is a critical step in the growth and development of an enterprise. It is marketing that familiarizes potential clients with your company and makes them aware of your brand. But how should you go about marketing?

The first step to accomplishing a successful marketing strategy is gaining knowledge. You should equip yourself with information that will help you maneuver this task. Luckily, the Internet is a host of resources for new and prospective business marketers.

One great resource is the Great Courses Plus which has numerous marketing courses that will equip you with valuable knowledge. Some of the cheap but incredibly informative courses that you can check out include:

1.     The Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Every entrepreneur needs a toolkit that contains all the tools and basics to start a business, market it, attract customers, and make returns. This course walks entrepreneurs through the journey of starting and sustaining a profitable business. It contains valuable ideas such as:

  • How to come up with a great business idea
  • Understanding your market
  • Defining your business model
  • Conducting risk analysis
  • Customer experience and your brand

This course is great for prospective and new business owners who are still learning the ropes and would like to know how to approach the entrepreneurial world.

2.     Critical Business Skills for Success

When you want to start a business and grow it into a great empire, you need some critical skills for success. If you are such an entrepreneur, this course is for you. The course contains valuable tips on how to come up with a business strategy.

It also narrates a few success stories of some of the leading business today and their secret to disrupting the market in their industry. This course equips you with both basic and advanced skills, from how to interpret a balance sheet to financial analysis, operations, and organizational behavior.

3.     Understanding the Inventions That Changed the World

This course should probably have been top on the list. Business and marketing are all about innovativeness. You need to come up with something new that will capture the attention of your target market. What better way to jumpstart your brain than by learning about some of the inventions that changed the world?

Reading what great people in history had in mind when coming up with certain innovations can be what you need to come up with an action-oriented business plan and marketing strategy that will transform the world. Check out this course to see some of these great inventions. You can also take advantage of the newest Great Courses Plus coupon to make savings on your purchase. 

4.     How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals

As you start your business, you need a brand name and logo. The colors you use in your logo will form the basis of your marketing material because you want your clients to associate certain colors with your brand.

Whether you come up with branded wear, newsletters, or even a business banner, you need to incorporate color. This course will teach you the effects of color on the human brain. The information that you get here will help you come up with the right branding and marketing colors for your business.

5.     Big Data: How Data Analytics Is Transforming the World

Almost every business today has an online presence. And you cannot create a website or go on social media if you don’t understand data analytics. Analytics has transformed the world by making it easy for businesses to predict the needs and preferences of their demographic. As a result, entrepreneurs are able to come up with targeted marketing strategies – they aren’t just trying anything to see if it works. Enroll in this course to learn more about data analytics, what it entails, and how you can leverage it for your business.

Final Thoughts

A successful entrepreneur is one who takes the time to learn and understand their market and the dynamics in play before choosing and employing marketing strategies. The Great Courses Plus has all the resources you need to start and run a successful business, even on the digital space. Enroll for these incredibly affordable courses today and equip yourself with information that will help you reign supreme in your industry.