5 Creative Ways to Quickly Improve your Academic Writing Skills

Making improvement in anything that one does is very important and academic essay writing is recognised as an activity that an individual has the opportunity of improving, once they understand the basics of developing the best essay. Basically, an academic essay is supposed to offer a strong and solid thesis and then enjoy the advantage of relevant evidence. This can be achieved by incorporating various sources or conducting analysis. However, for one to make continuous improvements in their daily essay writing, it is important to put in place various approaches and make an outline in order to understand what to write about.

1. Work Hard on Building the Basics

Writing a good essay has been a serious challenge, however, it can be one of the simple things when one is well organised. For quick improvement, it is important to brush up on the basics before one gets to come up with significant content. Brushing up on the basics has helped most writers to develop a flowing essay with good content to admire. This comes by understanding the intermediate concept of writing.

2. Proper Understanding of the Argument With Good Critical Analysis of the Evidence

Best essays normally possess well-developed and critically analysed evidence in achieving the greater goal. In developing one of the best academic essays, one should focus and keep in mind the main argument. At times, it can even be of great interest and tempting to stray a little bit and focus on the interesting side note of the topic; it’s of great concentration to stay on the topic.  However, in raising questions on the ideas and evidence to incorporate, it’s always a good idea to ask if the evidence will have a positive support on the thesis. In writing a good academic essay, it is important to note that any evidence that is not supporting the thesis should not be included and everything should have a good connection with the argument and the topic.

3. Make Use of Right Words and Good Vocabulary

An academic essay is very sensitive and how one adopts language is essential in bringing out the best. It involves bringing different ideas together in order to create persuasion to the one reading that you are intelligent and one who is able to raise an intelligent argument. At times, adopting words just to look intelligent normally creates a contrary impact. A good essay is always clear and good choice of words is important.

4. Good Grammar and Perfect Punctuation 

Any good research is supposed to be associated with perfect style, grammar and good punctuation. These are the most important things for developing a perfect essay that need to be taken seriously. One should develop a good grammar and a better understanding of it. Some of the basics for a good grammar include subject agreement, verb, pronoun usage and a proper article that has a good structure in its sentences. Additionally, to spice everything together, it’s a good idea to effectively use punctuation and a good essay writer needs to be mindful of commas and full stops to be used appropriately. Mindful use of punctuation creates an essay with a stronger tone and ends up bringing a concise language. One needs to make continuous improvement on punctuation and develop a good transition hence to do away with wordiness that makes one’s idea difficult to understand.

5. Conclusion

Conclusion always brings out a good image and a general overview of what the essay entails. This is, however, one of the most overlooked portions that writers mess with when writing their essay. It is important to bear in mind that one’s conclusion in academic essay is the ruling factor and it determines and connects all the evidence and research together bringing the thesis to reality. Notably, the best conclusion is not supposed to be a copy paste of your own thesis or even a restatement of the introduction, rather it’s supposed to be an outline of the major evidence that has been raised in the entire essay. Most people have developed great essays, and there have been countless number of good essays written only to be interfered with weakly and vague conclusion that has only words. In the academic essay, the only way to stand out is to develop one of the best conclusions.

Author bio: 

Paul Bates is an educator and online tutor. He helps high-school and college students with writing and research needs. He is proficient in different types of essays such as argumentative essays, discursive essays, and compare and contrast essays as well as outlines (i.e. APA outline or MLA outline).