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4 Ways For Students To Stay Safe At University

Safety might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think about being a student.

In fact, student culture often promotes reckless behaviour and can demote the idea of self care. But being a student doesn’t mean that you should disregard your own safety and wellbeing.

If you’re a foreign student about to embark on an exciting journey to studying in the UK, following the advice below can help to ensure you have the best possible time at university and look after yourself properly.  

1. Respect safety signs  

You can run into danger anywhere in the world. This is why you often see signs warning you about potential hazards in certain areas, like those made by mysafetysign.

If you’re running late for a lecture or you’ve been out for a few drinks, it might be temping to ignore a safety sign and take a shortcut through a prohibited pedestrian area, but this is not advisable.

The signs are in place for a reason, and you’re putting yourself at risk. Likewise, if you’re walking around late, make sure you stick to main roads and don’t walk alone. It’s always better to get a taxi if you’re worried. 

2. Practise self care

Being a student doesn’t mean that you can neglect your health. For example, whilst student culture can promote the idea of starvation, it’s important that you eat properly and get the nutrition you need.

Whilst money might be tight, you need to budget appropriately to ensure you have enough money to eat; whether that means taking up a part time job, spending less money on luxuries or working out how to make cheap, healthy meals.

Whatever your method, student life can be stressful and you need a full stomach to achieve your potential.

It can also be a great time to learn how to cook new recipes and appreciate the new cuisines of your peers. 

3. Protect your valuables

Whilst many student areas in the UK are perfectly safe, and universities take precautions to ensure that accommodation is secure, some student areas can occasionally be targeted by criminals who might see students as an easy target.

An unlocked back door or window can be an opportunity for theft, especially if a laptop or games console is within sight. So, protect your valuables.

This means hiding anything expensive from view, making sure your doors and windows are locked and no keys are left in doors.

Getting your valuables insured can also ensure that, if your property is burgled, you don’t have to fork out to get them replaced.

You won’t get the essay you poured your heart and soul into, though, so make sure you back up your files.    

4. Social media

As a student, it’s not always easy to avoid social media. In fact, you might love posting, sharing and editing – and that’s great!

However, posting personal information online could make you vulnerable to untrustworthy people.

Likewise, “checking in” to a location tells anyone your current whereabouts – and informs them that your home, where your brand-new laptop lives, is empty.

Make sure you don’t post your address, bank details or any other personal details online, and be aware of who you’re sharing your information with.