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4 Ways The Internet Can Harm Your Child

The Internet in this century is the most normal and common thing. People may not know what is happening in their neighbor's but would know who posted what on the internet.

Similarly, children of the last generation used to play on the streets and in the backyard but today's children play on the computer and virtual streets.

This change may be good in some ways but is harmful to many as well. In this article, we are going to discuss how the internet can be harmful to your child.

If you're a mature student and a parent must be aware of these harms so that they can protect their children accordingly.

1. Cyberbullying 

It is one of the most common threats teenagers face when they use social media networks.

It is very easy to spread rumors on these sites and make innocent targets.

Cyberbullies tend to send hateful and defaming messages to children threatening them about making them viral. 

2. Theft of information 

Teenagers at this don't understand how important it is for them to keep their personal information private.

They often post it on their accounts where it is visible to people who can use it in the wrong way.

3. Inappropriate content 

There is an array of information available on the internet which is both good and bad.

There is also a chance that your child can be exposed to bad content like pornography.

Being exposed to it at a young age can harm a child's mental health and change their view of sexy forever.

Hence parents should always be aware of what their child is exposed to on the internet.

4. Phishing

This is the phenomenon, online scammers and fraudulent create traps to lure in innocent people and gather money or information from them.

The people are normally attracted by attractive and lucrative deals. Adults understand the fakeness behind them but children fail to and fall in their trap easily. 

How parents can protect their children? 

Now with these disadvantages, you can't ignore the advantages the internet offers to the childlike it helps them in researching and they can access information from all around the world sitting at home and they can also learn about different cultures and practices sitting at one place and many more.

But at the same time, you can make sure that your child uses it for the right reasons by doing these things

Parental control apps 

There are several apps on the internet you can use and one of them is FamiSafe.

It gives you information on what the child is seeing on the internet and also informs you if your child receives any harmful messages.

If you check your child’s phone again and again by taking away their device they tend to get irritated and get the feeling that their parents don’t trust them.

Using parental control apps is safer for both you and the child. 

Teaching kids about online safety 

You can’t always be with your child saving them from the dangers of the internet.

Hence you need to teach them all about the dangers of the internet and how they can tackle it themselves.

Also, give your child enough confidence that they can come to their parents with their problems rather than be blackmailed by strangers into doing things they don’t want to do rims.