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4 Top-Paying Nursing Job Titles and Specialisations in the UK

If you’re like many students who aspire to be nurses, wanting to help people is probably your primary motivation for studying to enter the field. But, knowing that a nursing job comes with more than its fair share of challenges, stresses, heartbreaks and long workdays, it’s also important to choose a nursing specialisation that will reward you well for the work you do. The paycheck is definitely an important consideration; so let’s discuss 4 of the top-paying nursing specialisations in the UK.

1. Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner

In the UK, an advanced practice nurse practitioner is a nurse who receives a high level of advanced training in his or her field of specialisation. Some possibilities for nurse practitioner specialisations include Certified Registered Nurse Anaesthetist, Gerontological Nurse Practitioner and Orthopaedic Nurse Practitioner.There is no precisely clear and consistent level of qualification that enables one to become a nurse practitioner in the UK. In the USA and some other countries outside the UK, this role typically requires at least a nursing masters degree. In the UK, there are both Master of Science (MSc) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree programs that are designed to confer the credentials and qualifications necessary to become a nurse practitioner.

At this time, government entities in the UK have not released comprehensive data regarding the salaries for nurse practitioners. Salaries for this role can vary dramatically, depending on individual circumstances such as location, seniority, and exact credentials. However, the average earnings in this role tend to be greater than salaries for many of the common nursing roles in the UK. Career experts at the Indeed website report  average earnings of £40,375 per year for nurse practitioners in London. Salaries reported for this role go as high as £72,000 per year.

2. Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses give care and support to patients suffering from a varied range of mental health disorders. Hospitals, mental health facilities and community organisations are some common employers of mental health nurses in the UK. It is typical for many of the best mental health nursing jobs to require either a Mental Health Postgraduate Diploma or a Masters of Mental Health (MMH) degree.

The National Health Service reports the typical annual salary range for this role at £22,000 to £48,000 per year.

3. School Nurse

School nurses specialise in working with school-aged children to tend to their healthcare needs at school. A big part of the job description also includes educating the children about how to prevent illness and live a healthy lifestyle.

School nurses are qualified registered nurses who undergo additional training in public health through the Specialist Community Public Health Nurses (SCPHN) Registration Programme. According to the National Careers Service, school nurses earn annual salaries of £22,000 to £41,000.

4. Director of Nursing

Director of nursing is a job title that’s typically reserved for experienced nurses who’ve proved themselves to be team players and effective leaders. This is a management position that requires not only skill in nursing, but also an advanced level of emotional intelligence. The director of nursing must be able to motivate and inspire other nurses to put forth their best work even in situations where they’re exhausted, hungry and in dire need of a stop at the loo.

Career experts at the Indeed website report that nursing managers earn average annual salaries of £41,369 per year in England. Across the entire UK, the annual average is £39,936 per year.

While these are some of the most common salary ranges for these positions, there are opportunities for greater earnings as a nurse in the UK. In cities like London where the cost of living is high, many nurses are able to add high-cost area supplements onto the typical base salaries that nurses are paid. If you’re willing to work unsocial hours such as night shifts and weekends, you’re often able to earn more than if you only work standard weekday hours.

So now you’re updated on 4 of the top-paying nursing roles in the UK. We hope this information regarding nursing salaries will be helpful to you as you ponder the future course of your education and career.