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4 Reasons To Study Massage Therapy In The U.S

If you landed on this article, there's a good chance that you already know the many benefits that massage therapy provides to people in the United Kingdom and around the world.

People pay a lot of money for massage therapy in order to reduce stress, relax, improve sleep, treat chronic back pain and so much more.

Massages are scientifically proven to provide customers with countless health benefits. And American consumers know it. In July 2018, the American Massage Therapy Association conducted a survey which showed that a full 88% of participants see massage therapy as beneficial to wellness and overall health.

These in-the-know consumers averaged 4 1/2 theraputic massages within the last year. 

This translates to the average American licensed massage therapist averaging a $39,900 yearly income. As you can clearly see, both massage therapists and clients reap the benefits of this rewarding service.

There's never been a better time than right now to study massage therapy in the US and become a licensed massage therapist.

You'll enjoy a great income, employment flexibility and the knowledge that you're doing something great for the people you service.

Let's take a closer look on why studying massage therapy in the US could be the perfect option for you as you embark on your post-high school future.

1. What's the employment outlook?

The US Department of Labor and Statistics projects that 42,100 new jobs will happen by the year 2026. That's an astonishing growth of 26%. With the industry in the US growing so rapidly qualified therapists are in high demand. 

Massage chains and franchises are also growing at alarming rates. These locations need more jobs fulfilled because they offer a low-cost alternative over expensive salons, spas and resorts. 

With consumer and government reports such as these, you can be certain that a job in the industry will be awaiting you after you graduate.

In addition, most massage therapy-focused schools in the US will provide you with job placement assistance as part of your tuition and education.

Sounds like a win-win!

2. Career flexibility

Do you want to make your own rules on the type of massage therapy employment you choose? This industry in the US offers many options that allow you to customize your career.

You might choose to work for a single employer on a full-time basis in places like a spa or even a hospital. If you make this choice, chances are you'll be able to get direct employee benefits such as health insurance and paid time off.

Another option is to work as a self-employed independent contractor where you run the entire show.

You can set your own rates and choose the hours you work. You'll also enjoy the flexibility to decide where you work (in your own home studio, in your client's homes or other locations).

Whether choosing to work for an employer or running the show on your own, you'll be sure to find that being a massage therapist in the US allows you tons of flexibility in your career.

3. It truly is a meaningful career

Becoming a massage therapist allows you to acquire the skills to genuinely help people.

The entire industry is rooted deeply in a full commitment of creating a healing, positive environment for its customers.

When you provide clients with massage therapy, you deliver a level of pain relief, care and mental wellness that they can't find anywhere else.

Patients can't wait to see their therapist because they know the valuable treatment that they'll get when they arrive. You'll feel very appreciated for what you do for them.

This leads to a successful, meaningful long-term career with long-lasting job satisfaction that can't be found in many other career choices.

4. Additional information you should know

Massage therapy school costs in the US vary between around $6 - 17 per educational hour.

The average is around $9 - 10 per hour. The majority of US states will require 500 - 600 hours of training in order for you to be certified.

This means that for a range of $6,000 - 10,000 (depending on the school and location) you will be a certified massage therapist.

And remember, the average therapist earns almost $40,000 per year. That's a wonderful (and low) investment in your future.

For a full list of what living expenses will look like in the US, give this a click. It's very thorough. 


Is studying massage therapy in the US the right choice for you to make? Obviously only you can answer that question.

With the information we've provided, we hope we helped you make an informed decision.

Congratulations on moving to the next stage in your life. We wish you much success in the future!