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3 Reasons Why Students Wanting To Go Into Social Care Should Consider Nursing

All students come with a range of different ambitions and goals, and for some, pursuing a career in social care is the main aim. As a general sector, social care arguably contains some of the most hardworking jobs out there, as you are ultimately in control of the wellbeing of others. 

However, students wanting to go into these kinds of jobs aren’t often thrown off by the difficulty, but more by the overwhelming choice of potential career paths. Nursing, as one of the most popular jobs in this area, is a great idea for people struggling to find their perfect occupation, and here are our reasons why.

1. Large Influence on Public Health

It’s not a surprise to most people that nurses are one of the most important elements of our general healthcare and the way the system is run. Nurses make up the majority of hospital staff, as they provide patients with the most long-term care and are always working tirelessly to provide services such as house visits, nursing home care, and so many other essentials. What students going into nursing don’t know, is that this gives nurses quite a large influence on public health.

Since hospital nurses tend to spend the most face to face time with patients, compared to other staff, they know more than anyone how patients are feeling, and what they need. For this reason, policymakers often value nurses very highly as advisors, and many highly trained nurses find themselves transferring over to a role more involved in policy making. So, for students with a passion for improving the public health system, nursing could be how make that change.

2. Wide Range of Options

Another reason students should consider nursing when pursuing a career in social care, is the fact that a nursing degree leaves a wide range of options for students. Nursing doesn’t necessarily mean that you must work in a hospital or general practice – many more specialised nursing jobs means that you rarely set foot in a hospital. Concierge nurses for example concentrate more on making house calls, and would work well for the more business minded students.

However, the range of nursing jobs within a practice or hospital isn’t at all more limited. Once finishing training as a nurse, there is no stopping you from completing further training to become a more specialised practice nurse. For example, becoming Family Nurse Practitioner will give you a more specific role in the practice, and through an Online FNP Program, earning the appropriate qualifications would not compromise your general working hours.

3. Always in Demand

Finally, students should seriously consider nursing, because after graduating, they will constantly be in a secure place in their career. This is due to the fact that nursing has always been, and always will be a job that is highly in demand. Whether you intend to work for the NHS or go private, everyone needs someone to take their appointments, do their vaccinations or care for their sick nan, and that’s not going to change for a long time.

Really the range of opportunities are endless for potential nurses, from working at just a general practice, to opportunities to go abroad through university and general study. The important thing is, to work hard and choose the right option for you.

This is guest post with Nina Mosely.