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3 Qualification Options for People Who Want a Job in the Public Sector

If you work in the public sector, you have got to put others before yourself. Even if you work in a secluded office, exclusively on computer systems, your dedication to the public sector has to be unquestionable. 

As such, potential public sector employers look for a few unique qualifications. For example, at Kaplan University you can get a master’s degree in an area that will make it simple and easy for you to get hired in the public sector industry. Likewise, many Kaplan University graduates are able to make waves with bachelor’s, associate’s, and even specialized certifications. More so than anything else, you need to have one or more of the following three qualifications if you want to receive a call back after going to an interview for employment in the public sector. 

1. Past Work with a Non-Profit

You can say that you are able to show humility in all facets of your life, but having real life experience with a non-profit will be a standout qualification on your resumé. Describe what you did when you worked with a non-profit and go over what cause or program you were able to help improve. For instance, if you worked with a non-profit that provided hot meals and shelters to homeless people, you can talk about how much more you learned about cyclical, abject poverty and that you made a difference in your community with your hands-on work. 

2. Experience with Youth

Teaching, babysitting, mentoring, and even volunteering, you can list almost any experience that you have made with adolescence on your resumé as a qualification when seeking a public sector position. You can’t look at working with the public unless you include the youth. 

Cities all over the U.S. invest heavily into youth centered programs as a means of reducing crime, poverty, and tax burdens. Being able to work with kids and make a difference is a unique trait that not all people interested in public sector jobs will possess. Show that you can handle a rambunctious group of older teens just as easily as you can charm the socks off a classroom filled with toddlers and you’ll definitely be an appealing applicant. 

3. Foreign Language or Culture Familiarity 

The United States was founded on diversity, so having experience with a foreign language or even a community of immigrants would be very beneficial. Some groups of immigrants from countries like Syria are coming into the United States on an accelerated basis. You may be interested in working as a liaison to help new immigrants become settled in their new neighborhoods. Whether you know a second language or are interested in helping recent U.S. immigrants get settled in, this is a great qualification to have.

You can use a degree or even practical experiences that you have had in life to get started in a career in the public sector. What will help the most is to have a blend of qualifications that show that you are in it for the long haul. Being personable and relatable to all demographics of people will be the most helpful asset you can have in this industry. 

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