The 3 Best Essay Writers in USA: Trusted Services Reviews

Imagine this. You are an average US college student. You have to study while doing a part-time job to support yourself. As this is going on, you also have to manage a personal life that includes friends, family, and some self-time. Balancing all this is difficult, but you are powering through it; everything is going pretty alright. Then along comes a lengthy and tedious essay that is due in a week. It puts way more pressure on the studies side of things and topples the balance of your entire day-to-day life.

Now, your life is in shambles, and you can’t get it back in order no matter how hard you try. All this happened just because of one inconvenient essay. So, what can you do? What are your options as an ordinary everyday college student? Well, if we look at the solutions in terms of their effectiveness, hiring an essay and college papers writing service seems to be the key to solving this issue. Sure, you can try to “manage” your time or do some fancy Kungfu to keep everything in balance. But nothing works as well as just outsourcing the work.

Essay and college paper writing services are the saving grace for students around the globe. They allow students to outsource their assignments and other writing-based college work. This saves time, a lot of it.

The student can spend that time on something else or just get some much-needed rest. The next benefit is getting better quality than you would’ve been able to deliver on your own. Not to mention the fact that these services allow urgent orders that can be fulfilled in as little as three to four hours. Additionally, the students do all this at a very reasonable price.

If you are in need of help with your essays right now or just want to find a paper writing service that you can work with in the future, then your search is over. Here are three industry-leading companies providing this valuable service to not only students in the US but struggling students around the globe.

1. 99Papers

Let’s start off our list with one of the most reputable and well-known essay writing services. IF anyone has ever recommended you a paper writing service before, there is a high likelihood that it was 99Papers.

They are pretty much universally loved by students everywhere. This alone is enough to prove the effectiveness of their work and the quality of their service.

Saying that 99papers is good service is honestly underselling them. If you have any doubt about their quality and think that all of the good buzz about them is just marketing, then you need to take a look at their customer reviews section. The tons of five-star reviews with positive comments are tangible proof of 99paper’s legitimacy. But this site goes far beyond just an essay writing service. Sure, the core service is essay and paper writing, but the stuff surrounding it is all created for customer convenience and satisfaction. Here’s what you can expect from this website:

Impeccable writing

The core quality of writing is, of course, one of the most important parts of these services. After all, no matter how good the rest of the service is, if you get a bad grade for their writing. 99papers ensures extremely high-quality thanks to their team of wildly talented writers. These writers are competent, skilled, and experienced. They see a topic and instantly see the path they will take to a conclusion. This foresight allows them to work blazing fast while keeping the overall quality of the piece fairly high.

Cheap pricing

While looking at the 99papers website and the quality of their work, one might assume that they are a premium service with outrageous pricing. This is where this website catches you off-guard with its cheap and affordable pricing structure. Some even claim that it is THE cheapest essay writing service in the entirety of the United States. You can get started with as little as ten dollars. The price obviously, along with the length and deadline of the essay or paper but still remains affordable through and through.

Zero-Plagiarism guarantee

Plagiarism is the worst thing you can have in your essay. If you submit an essay with a lot of mistakes, the only bad thing that will happen is that you will get a bad grade. If you don’t submit an essay at all, you’ll just get a zero. But, if you submit a plagiarized paper, the consequences can be far worse than just an F on your grade book. The exact punishment depends on the institute you study at, but almost all of them have strict anti-plagiarism policies.

This is why 99papers offer a clear guarantee of zero plagiarism. But you don’t have to take their word for it either, as they use industry-recognized software to check uniqueness as well as correct any wrong citations. Furthermore, you get the report from this software for free as proof of uniqueness, so you can rest assured when submitting it to your professor.

Money-back guarantee

A lot of students are reluctant to give these services a chance from the fear of losing their money. What if the writer doesn’t understand the topic correctly and writes something completely off? What if the level of writing is not appropriate? These and many similar questions cause many students to miss out on these amazing services. 99papers understand this hesitation and offer a full money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, your money is returned in full. One thing to note is that the website then owns the essay in question.


  • Quality writing.
  • Free plagiarism report.
  • Low prices.
  • Expert writers.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Easy to navigate website.

2. Studdit

Next on our list is Studdit, an overall great service for any student looking to remove deadline stress from their life. All three websites mentioned on this list are excellent options for anyone and everyone, but each has something that they are particularly good at. That unique selling point for Studdit is the quality of their writing. Yet, just like 99papers, the pricing is still super affordable. The deals on offer sometimes sound too good to be true, but they absolutely are. Here’s why you should consider working with this website:

Quality guaranteed

Many large services have a huge gap in quality literally because of their size. They have so many writers, and moderating them costs money. So, while you might get an amazing essay from one writer, the same can’t be guaranteed about the next one. Studdit combats this issue by only allowing qualified individuals on their writing team. They do not have a minimum criterion that they check writers against and let anyone above the minimum threshold in. Instead, this site reviews and tests each potential writer on a variety of merits. Even after the approval, their work is closely monitored to ensure consistency for the end customer.

Blistering fast delivery

Although there are plenty of reasons to work with a US essay writing service, one of the most prevalent ones is a lack of time. These services need to be fast, and Studdit takes the cake in that department. They have a fast delivery pipeline in general. But the real magic happens when you order an urgent delivery. That allows you to get a two-page essay done in just three hours. So, you can literally forget about the essay till the very last moment and still have it for submission. Other services have urgent delivery options, but none are as fast as this site.

Free stuff

Funds are just as big an issue for college students as time, and Studdit understands this. While many services try to gain as much from desperate students as they can, Studdit helps them by offering tons of necessary stuff for free. The chief among these free offerings is the authentic plagiarism report. Then there are things like sources and customer support that are also completely free. Lastly, the up to three free reasons is a saving grace for students that want changes after the final delivery.


  • Unmatched quality.
  • Very fast delivery.
  • 24/7 helpful customer support.
  • Three free revisions up to 14 days.
  • Free plagiarism report.


Last on our list of the best essay and college paper writing services is 1Essay. While the two above-mentioned platforms are quite different, they work in essentially the same way. You place your order, they assign you a writer on their own, and the writer delivers the work. Sometimes you can directly talk to the writer, but not often., on the other hand, is a combination of both a closed platform and a writer’s marketplace. In essence, 1Essay allows you to talk to and choose the writer you want, at the price you want. But this does not mean that anyone can claim to be a good writer. The website puts expensive resources into determining who gets to sell their writing services on their platform.

How 1Essay works

The process begins with you providing the necessary information regarding the essay/assignment and placing an order. Once the order goes live, the writers can see it and bid on it. You will get to see all of the bids alongside the price, as well as a cover message from the writer. You can then talk to writers, see their past work, see reviews on their work, and compare prices. Once you know which writer you want to hire, just click hire, and they will start working.

The payment, during this entire process, is held by the website as a middleman. If the order gets completed on time and without any issues, the payment is forwarded to the writer. If the order fails in any way, the student gets their money back.

Benefits of EssayPro’s unique system

This system is excellent to ensure transparency. You can see everything about every writer. Things like the number of orders they’ve completed, the success rate of those orders, the reviews on those orders, the field of study in which the writer is most experienced are all just one click away from the bidding screen. The moderated system also provides scam protection for you, the end customer, and gives writers the incentive to do their best from 1Essay.

It also allows you to work with the same writer on your next visit without having to go through a lengthy request process. This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s huge for students that have to rely on this service regularly.


  • Choice of the writer.
  • Low prices due to the bidding process.
  • Open communication with the writer
  • Scam protection.
  • Qualified, expert writers.

Is it safe to buy essays and college papers from these websites?

While the answer is “yes, it is completely safe,” it still depends on a lot of factors. So, the overall answer is that yes, it’s safe if you do everything correctly and not safe if you aren’t careful enough. The best way to come up with a solution to this question is to look at it from both ends.

When it is safe

Purchasing an essay is completely safe if you’ve got it from a reputable source like the three mentioned above. These services are just businesses with the goal of helping students in need. They are there just to take the essay writing burden off of student’s shoulders and make a tiny profit on the side.

Another way to ensure that buying an essay is safe is to keep your identity a secret. Don’t take any risk, even if you are completely sure that your college won’t be able to find it. Prefer to work with websites that promise to keep your information a secret and never put your real name when giving reviews or public feedback.

Lastly, buying essays is completely safe when they are plagiarism-free. Plagiarism will get you in deep trouble whether you wrote the essay yourself or bought it from a writing service.

When it isn’t safe

Buying an essay isn’t safe when you try to save money by hiring independent freelancers from places like Reddit. The risk is way too high, and there would be no way for you to hold them accountable if an issue does occur.

Secondly, buying pre written essays is not safe at all. The writer could sell the same essay to multiple people without anyone noticing. It will come up clear on plagiarism checkers at first and will cause issues later when it’s too late.

Why do students hate writing essays?

So far, we’ve talked extensively about essay and college paper writing services. But this raises the question, why do these services exist in the first place? There is a clear demand for it as students hate writing essays. So, why do students hate writing essays? The answer to this is a little longer than one line. Let’s look at a few of the biggest reasons why students of all academic fields hate writing essays.

They are tedious and boring

Essays are fundamentally tedious. You need to do so much research and planning just to condense it down to a few pages and for it not to have any significant grade value in the end. Of course, the fact that the topics for these essays are often boring as hell doesn’t help either. Every student has the same thought when working on an essay, “I could be doing something productive/resting right now.”

They do not show true knowledge

You could be the most knowledgeable person on the planet on a given subject. But, if you suck at writing coherent essays, you will get low grades every time. It seems that colleges and professors prioritize presentation and tone over the actual topic, undermining a knowledgeable student’s research and efforts. This demoralizes most students and makes them think that essays are just a waste of their time.

Removing plagiarism is hard

Contrary to popular belief, plagiarism is not just stealing someone’s writing. It can also appear in unexpected places, just because someone years ago wrote something similar two you. Trying to remove this unintentional plagiarism is hard without altering the meaning of your original writing. Sometimes students have to spend more time cleaning up the plagiarism than they did writing the entire essay.

Pros and Cons of buying paper from Essay Writers

Nothing in this world is without its shortcomings, and getting the help of essay writing services/ buying essays is no different. Where there are tons of benefits in using these services, there are also some severe downsides. Let’s take a brief look at the pros and cons of buying essay papers.


  • Let’s say you have an essay that will take ten hours. Sure, you can put all of your focus into it and do it in seven, saving three hours. But you can just buy the essay and save ten whole hours. You can then use these free hours to do whatever you want. You can do actual study instead of writing meaningless essays, socialize, or just get some much-needed rest.
  • For non-native speakers, writing compelling essays is tough. They can have all the knowledge in the world but will still get lower grades because they weren’t able to convey their thoughts in an English essay. Buying an essay completely bypasses these issues and puts non-native speakers on the same playing field.
  • Buying essays gives you the ability to get your assignments done in an urgent situation. You might not be able to write a three-page essay in three to four hours, but a professional writer can.


  • Not all essays are meaningless, and some are there to teach you stuff through your own research. If you buy an essay, you pretty much skip this step and gain no knowledge of the essay’s topic.
  • Getting caught can spell disaster for your educational career. Colleges have very strict policies against this practice and can even ban you from studying at other reputable colleges in the area.
  • It costs money. Sure, most quality services are dirt cheap, but they aren’t free. Even an essay worth ten-dollar is too much for a broke college student.

Are services that provide essay writing help legit?

Like everything else in life, it depends on a lot of factors. The true legitimacy of a service can only be determined on a case-by-case basis. There are tons of essay writing websites that are completely legit and offer a valuable service; three of the best are mentioned above. But there are also a lot of scam sites trying to exploit vulnerable and stressed students. They use all kinds of tactics like trying to steal credit card info, selling plagiarized work as legit and blackmailing students by threatening to tell their colleges. Avoiding these scams, however, is fairly easy. This is what you have to do.

Only work with reputable sellers

Websites like 99papers, EssayPro, and Studdit are all industry leaders with recognizable names and brands. These businesses have been operating for years and serve thousands of customers every year. If they were scams, they would not have existed for so long. So, you can be fairly secure when only buying essays from these top sellers and writing service providers.

Avoid getting lured by low prices

College students are notoriously short on money and thus have to save every penny that they can. Many scam sites realize this and offer extremely low prices to lure in unsuspecting victims. If you see such pricing from an unknown writing company, stay as far away from them as possible.

Keep an eye on customer reviews

Customer reviews on legit essay writing websites are left by college students who are or were in the same boat as you. If a review says that the service did a good job on a particular topic, then that service most likely has actually good writers for that topic. Just try to spot fake, planted reviews, and you should be completely fine.

Final words

Essay writing services are god-sent for students around the globe. If we look at their service and the benefits they provide, their small prices look almost negligible. Any student that’s ignoring these essay writing services is honestly missing out on so much free time and lack of stress. Just stay cautious of common traps, and you will clear your college essays, assignments, and papers in no time.