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The 12 most famous movie cars

Over the years there has been some amazing cars in films, this wonderful infographic from Whoops wheel fix it body work repair, will take you through some of the best. The Tumbler from the films, Batman Begins, The dark knight and the dark knight rises. This car is a merge between the two cars Hummer and Lamborghini, also taking a lot of its style cues from an ex-military vehicle. Another vehicle would be the A-team van, obviously known for the popular TV series from the 80’s “The A-Team” the actual model used was the 1983 Chevrolet GMC Vandura G15, the van changed appearance several times during filming, with different makes and models standing in at various points (including a Ford Econoline).

Another car is Doc’s Time Machine, from the always iconic films, Back to the future, Back to the future II and Back to the future III. The DeLorean DMC-12 that was used for these films became an instantly recognisable vehicle across the globe. Please see the rest of the infographic to see some more great vehicles that were used throughout the years in some of the best films and TV series’ ever made.


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