10 Most Unusual Courses for Students

While college majors can be one of the defining factors that could determine your career path, it is also a time in your life where you can experiment. If you are willing to explore beyond the traditional paths, there are dozens of interesting and unique subjects that you can pursue.

Take a look below to see some of the surprisingly cool and unexpected courses offered at colleges for you to try out. 

1. Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrabble 

Are you a logophile? In other words, if you have a special love for words and wordplay, then this course will certainly interest you. Offered at the renowned Ivy League school Princeton, this course aims to bring together those who are ready to study the ludic side of languages. You will be analyzing the formal, societal, and fun applications of wordplay from ancient to modern literature across different languages.

At the end of the day, this course will encourage and equip you to bend the language in unusual ways to produce compelling effects. 

2. Garbology

You are already well aware of the consequences of plastic and garbage piles we come across every day. Many of you might have even written an entire dissertation or research paper with the help of a best custom writing service to learn about how you can help deal with the waste crisis currently facing the entire world. Are you willing to take your efforts one step further?

Why not sign up for a course in garbology? This course was originally offered at the University of Arizona and is now available at multiple schools. In a gist, you will be studying aspects of the modern use of trash and its disposal methods. There are several applications for this course - from being an investigative tool of law enforcement, environmental protection, to archeology.

3. Black Women, Beyoncé, and Popular Culture

Offered at the University of Texas at San Antonio, this course focuses on Beyonce's studio album Lemonade and its impact on society. The album, which was released in 2016, had won several accolades and ignited a movement. It primarily highlighted the historical and literary frameworks of black feminism.

The course uses Lemonade as a starting point to explore the socio-cultural issues currently faced by black women through black feminist theory, literature, film, and music. 

4. Business of Cannabis 

This is perhaps one of the most unusual courses that you will come across. Oaksterdam University in California has taken it upon itself to educate future businesspeople about how to excel in the cannabis industry. You will be taught history, politics, and legalities of the herbs, alongside different techniques for growing. You will also learn about different ingestion methods.

You will even be prepared on how to launch a cannabis business start-up and learn a lot on the subject of advocacy. As the course is self-paced, you can fit it into any schedule.

5. Jazz Studies

You might have come across several programs focusing on music and its history, But rarely will you find one that is exclusive to Jazz. The Butler School of Music at the University of Texas Austin provides this comprehensive course for serious jazz musicians. 

The lessons are offered by distinguished faculties, and the admission is offered only to a select group of the most promising musicians. More than theory, the program focuses on equipping students with complete instrumental mastery and developing individual artistic expression. 

6. Puppet Arts 

Have you been under the impression that puppetry is a dying art form? Then the University of Connecticut is en route to reviving it through its dedicated course. The college offers BFA, MFA, minor courses, and even certifications on this subject. In fact, this course was first introduced at UConn in 1964. 

By 1967, the popularity of this course led to drastically increased demand that the department had to finally limit the enrollment for puppetry classes. 

7. #Selfie Class

No, you will not be learning how to take next-level selfies but analyzing the role of selfies in today's cultural setup. Although this course is officially called 'Writing 150: Writing and Critical Reasoning, Identity and Diversity', students analyze how society influences one's self-identity.

Provided at the University of Southern California, the program studies selfies as an art form unique and iconic to our age, just like photographic self-portraits.

8. Sexual Health Studies

The University of Central Lancashire is offering a course for Sexual Health Studies, the first of its kind in the UK. It can be great for those looking for a professional career in sexual health services.

You will be learning about both cultural and sociological perspectives of sexuality. You will also familiarise yourself with the design and delivery of sex and relationship education. 

9. Dairy Herd Management

Provided at the University Centre Reaseheath, this program is provided as a two-year agricultural course and will equip you with a bevy of dairy farming-related skills. Set in the UK, this college has already built a solid reputation for its delivery of this course, specialized in the field of dairy herd management.

The course will help you gain an understanding of the technical, economic, legal, and managerial principles relating to dairy farm businesses. You will also be working to identify the effects of environmental and ethical issues, as well as obtain specialist practical skills associated with this sector.

10. Prop Making 

For those who are interested in the art and entertainment industry, Prop Making can be an interesting prospect. Offered at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London, this program will help you design props, a critical part of the film and drama sectors. 

Additionally, as part of your program, you will also get to undertake industry placements and obtain first-hand experience. You will also receive intensive training in prop and get opportunities to make props for Central's public performances.

Wrapping Up

These are only a few of the intriguing and unusual courses that you can find across the world. It is easy to overlook such programs, especially when you are not specifically searching for them. However, for those interested, it is worth taking the time to explore the possibilities that could lead you to exciting careers.