10 Most Popular Student Side Jobs in 2022

The fact is schooling comes with an expensive cost of living. Several expenses include social events, food, housing, tuition, transportation, textbooks, etc. 
Sure, you can be a great saver of money. There will be moments when you need to get a side hustle as a student. If you need more cash to live well while studying, there are different side jobs in 2022. That's what this guide is all about. Read on.


Top Side Hustles for Students 

Among the numerous ways to make extra income as a student, below are ten of them.


This side hustle is lucrative. It's also a useful hobby! If you already have photography skills, now is the best time to earn money while studying. You can charge people an affordable price for pictures you take. One cool thing about photography is that it's not time-consuming. You can do it on weekends without affecting your studies. You can also take intriguing and elegant photos and then sell them online. There are several stock photo platforms online that sell them.

Graphic design pays 

Publicity materials are often in demand by individuals and companies. Yes, individuals and corporate bodies still regularly use business cards, flyers, and posters. 

As a student, you can tap into this. If you have excellent skills in graphic design, you can make a decent income from this. 

Also, you can make great money when you sell your designs and services on online platforms like 99 Designs and Café Press. StandStand out and deliver excellent gigs. Money will follow.

Explore freelance writing 

This side hustle is perfect for students. It's also one of the most lucrative side jobs you can ever take as a student. If you write, sell your services online. There are companies and individuals across the world who often look for new writers. 

With freelance writing, you have independence towards your work. You set your working hours and days. This makes it an excellent job if you are studying. 

Become a brand ambassador 

Today, more organizations keep providing opportunities for students to become their ambassadors. 

How does it work? You'll be commissioned to advertise their products or services on your campus. As a brand ambassador, you can organize programs or shows to promote the organization's image. You may also conduct several surveys to get more feedback about the business on campus.

What do you get in return from the company? There are wages and bonuses for you. These will help you cater to your living expenses as a student.

Work as a virtual assistant

Here is another fabulous side job for students. Becoming a virtual assistant won't disturb your studies. You will be helping someone organize their business and life. Your early earnings may be small. However, you can make about $50 as a virtual assistant. This adds some extra to your income over time.


If you desire to make cool cash while schooling, try blogging. Blogging isn't too demanding. You can do it in your spare time. So it won't disturb your studies. 

One fun thing about blogging is that you can even make good money if you blog about what's related to your academics. It's nice to blog about what you are studying too.

Write resumes

The demand for professional resume writers is currently high. Write resumes to add to your side hustle as a student. You will be getting paid to review the resumes of others. Your service is highly needed online

if you are good at drafting a compelling resume. You can charge about $30 per resume on Upwork, for instance. That's alright as a student. There are many you can write per week. 

Become a social media influencer 

Only some people can successfully update their social media pages. Even some companies need help to do this. Do you love using social media as a student? You can earn more by helping companies manage their social media accounts.

Skills for this side job include creating engaging posts and captivating photos. With a freelance platform, contact companies interested in hiring you. You can earn up to $25 every hour.

YouTube blogging 

Loads of people today upload and watch videos on YouTube today. This platform hosts millions of subscribers. Creating a channel on YouTube as a student will earn you more side income. You will earn cash from video bloggers here. They pay for adverts on YouTube. Understand the dynamic of creating and uploading engaging videos.


This is also an excellent side gig to start as a student. You only need a podcast app or website to set up your podcast channel. Begin to share different valuable and intriguing content on your channel. Do this as often as you can. Then cash out from other companies and individuals as they advertise on your channel. Soon you will attract listeners across the globe. 


The cost of living as a student can be high, depending on your location. There are several things you need money for. If you struggle financially while on campus, consider any of the ten side hustles discussed above.

Some jobs may require a CV for you to apply. If you find it hard to create your CV, we have some helpful cv examples for your inspiration!