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10 Inspiring Films To Boost Your Studies

Study is an exciting time if you have chosen the program of your dreams. However, the most desired and involving education can turn into torture with a monotone and sometimes additional works. How do you stay passionate and inspired? This scenario can lead to a loss of the dreams, confusion, and feeling lost in general. To avoid this, we need emotional and mental motivation and support. How not to lose interest in what you enjoy doing the most?

Watching movies may end up with procrastinating, but watching inspirational films may serve as an impulse for study. These films can help you deal with losing interest. All you have to do is to watch them and discuss with another person. Exploring and sharing emotions is an essential part of the motivation that influences cognitive abilities. Take a break, make a snack and watch a movie. 

1. 21 (2008)
21 is one of the most motivational movies because it is based on a true story. The main character is a math genius which needs to find a considerable amount of money for a study. A professor, who notices his talent, offers him to participate in a dangerous but profitable affair in Las Vegas.  It is about counting Black Jack cards. An entertainment for nerds and smart asses. Who wouldn’t go for it in behalf of fun and money? The movie faces that being smart is cool.

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2. I origins (2014)
The Ph.D. student Ian Gray researches the origin of the human eyes. During his research, he is convinced that everything must have its proof until unexplained events start happening. There is also a love line which makes the movie involving and romantic. Scientific world doesn’t trust feelings or intuit ion; everything must have its proof. This basic rule is going to be doubted. Logical arguments don’t give Ian Gray a chance to argue about the existence of the creator with his beloved Sofi. Is science stronger than our perception and imagination?

3. The History Boys (2006)
The original Broadway cast with plenty of awards is more than inspiring. It tells the story of a knowledgeable and smart group of students who got bored and made their history. Some of the Cambridge professors support them, and others don’t. The movie inspires students who got bored with study and believed start losing interest in what they are doing. The group of history boys had great fun exploring the secrets of the world and having the best years of their lives at the same time. 

4. The Social Network (2010)
The story, or part of it, about a Mark Zuckerberg, which became one of the most motivational films for students. Not only has it told the story of Facebook, but also the story of how ambitions, friendship, actuality work together in the way of creating a world corporation. And how friendship stop working when it comes to business. Facebook is the most potent instrument today in many branches today, and it motivates always to be open to new experiences and pragmatic when needed.

5. Good Will Hunting (1998)
One of the best movies that show how being smart can benefit your existence. It is about a cleaning boy Will Hunting deciding to complete the task left by one of the professors for his students. It attracts the attention of the university professors and changes Will’s life forever. Not only his life opportunities improve, but also his relationships with friends and family. The line where Will build a strong friendship with his new professor is touting and deep. Another example of how being smart in the right place makes the life change for the better.

6. Gifted (2017)
Top new films about smarties include the story about a little girl who has a gift of being genius. She seeks knowledge every day. She studies faster than she thinks and impresses not only his father but also all the professors. On her first day at school, she asks the meaning of the word right after giving the right answer to what 57 multiplied by135 is. Counting in the head. It is difficult to define the future of such a gift when you are eleven years old. That is why adults come into the game and argue in deciding what would be the best choice. The film evokes best emotions. It shows that love and caring is the best addition for study. 

7. The Imitation Game (2014)
The list of the movies that inspire you includes The Imitation Game. It tells the story of a mathematician who works on decoding a German Nazis’ Enigma machine. On his way, he experiences plenty of obstacles and misunderstanding. Although the process needs patience and hard work. It teaches us how to deal with stressful or extreme life situations and work under pressure. It also reveals the distractive ideology of Nazis. The irresistible Benedict Cumberbatch grants the motion picture with an unforgettable idiosyncrasy. There is also an exciting love story which makes the film more vivid. 

8. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Drama about a man (Will Smith) who divorces his wife and loses home and money. He decides to become a broker and applies for an unpaid internship after which the company will hire the best ones. Criss loses home and has no money. He lives on the street and struggling the most had times of his life. If he doesn’t get the job, he will be a homeless father of a kid. How motivating is that to study as hard as possible? It shows an unbreakable desire for knowledge and well-paid job in spite of all the difficulties the life can give.

9. The Man Who Knew Infinity (2016)
An Indian researcher who wants to be published comes to show his research works to a commission. His works are correct but have no official explanation or proof. Srinivasa Ramanujan explains to the professors that it came to him with god. The creator is talking to him and wants to share the knowledge. The publishing is rejected. However, he meets professors who support him and believe his gift of knowledge. Is there something else between the pure knowledge and study? The story of friendship, support and being smart is more than recommended for students. There is always something more.

10. Pi (1998)
A particular movie that can or cannot motivate to study. It explains the nature of mathematics as the universal nature language. Everything around can be represented as numbers and patterns they create. If a person is dedicated to math or data science, the movie is highly recommended for watching. It may be difficult for understanding but will undoubtedly change your mindset. There are no love stories, no spec effects, no celebrities, but there is a pure uncovered idea that inspires and motivated the most. The movie is strongly recommended to people who are thrilled about mathematics.

Bottom line

Whenever you got tired or lose interest, get some motivation. Find a movie that will make you think differently and discuss it with friends after watching. You can also keep it just for yourself. For stable relax time you can also watch TV-shows like The Big Bang Theory. The group of nerds will grant you with a portion of positive emotions.!

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