With the Easter holidays just around the corner, students will be looking forward to digging into a pile of chocolate. However for many, their academic torment will continue in preparation for upcoming exams in the summer.

So how do you make the most of your 2 short weeks, and still leave time to unwind?

#1 Ditch the distractions

Switch off your mobile, music player and try to study somewhere away from your computer. This way you won’t be tempted to reply to text messages, check what your friends are up to on Facebook, etc.

Your brain can only become a sponge for information if it’s completely focused on the task in hand.

#2 Make a schedule

Deciding how much time you’re going to spend studying each day and when will help you stay on course with your revision.

Don’t plan to study for more than 45 minutes per session, and take short, regular breaks throughout the day.

#3 Start early

Swotting from 9am onwards (or before if you feel like it!) means you can finish up earlier.

You’ll feel fresher in the morning than later on in the day, and you can look forward to putting your feet up in the evening.

#4 Eat brain food

A hearty breakfast will set you up for the day, while energy foods such as bananas, oranges and nuts will give your brain a boost when you start to feel drained.

If you have a sweet tooth, try to avoid sugary snacks such as chocolate and biscuits during the day, and save them for a treat in the evening once you’ve packed up the revision.

#5 Practice with past papers

Get hold of as many past papers as you can, either through your school/college/university or online.

Attempting these should be the final step of your revision, so you can perform a true assessment of how much you’ve learned, and how well you’re likely to perform in the actual exam.

Look through each paper you complete to see which questions you scored few or no marks for - this will help you identify gaps in your knowledge (or some important facts you’ve forgotten!).

Organising your time and sticking to a schedule can make all the difference to the effectiveness of your revision, and means you won’t end up resenting it for taking over your life.

Look after yourself, get into a routine and remember your friends are all in the same boat - so give them a call if you ever start to feel the studying is taking its toll.

Got any exam revision tips you'd like to share? Or any comments on my post? Please pop them below!