Studential is highly regarded in the UK for its ‘no nonsense, truthful approach’ on everything you want to know about student education for those aged 16 and over. 

Sit back and relax, the wait is now over. Studential has just launched its US website for all US students applying to College in America or the UK. Studential aims to take the stress out of applying to College and ensure you’re successful in gaining the College place you want. 

Being university application experts, with over 13 years real life experience, you know you’re in safe hands when you read Studential advice and guidance. Don’t just take our word for it…the student reviews and student blogs, by students for students, are shining examples of why Studential is so important.

Studential’s US website give you the definitive guide to applying to College in America; featuring both the Common Application and Universal College Application guides, as well as how to choose your College and the answer to every FAQ about the Common App you’ve ever wanted to know.

In addition their fascinating Ivy League university guide, explores and investigates how to apply to study as a student at such a prestigious institution. 

It doesn’t stop there either.

Finances are a big part of student life. The cost of US student education isn’t cheap. With accurate and up to date guides on what funding is available for US colleges as well as applying for government loans, Studential really is for you.

They also offer awesome student budgeting advice on food, transport and housing. This is essential, especially if this is the first time you’re living independently. 

Studential’s current personal statement examples are widely sought after ‘must reads’ in the UK. This is because they are written and submitted by existing students to help prospective students when they are writing their own personal statements. is aiming for the same high quality level of support for students writing Common Application essays and this is where you come in.

If you’ve written one in the last few years and you want other students to benefit and learn from your expertise (don’t you wish you’d had this when you were writing your Common Application essay!) then don’t hesitate to donate your essay here, or email it directly to Studential at:

It will be greatly appreciated and immensely valued.

Once you’re at a US College, applying for graduation happens sooner than you think and again Studential is on hand to offer the best graduation support. 

If that wasn’t enough to wow and amaze you, is also offering US students oodles of information on applying to a UK university as an international student.

From entry requirements, finances and accommodation to applying to Oxford or Cambridge and managing the documentation and arrival queries that arise, what more could you ask. Britishness and its cultural heritage is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience.

It’s true, the Studential way is the best way. really is the one and only website to search and visit if you’re a US student applying to College