Leaving university and entering the world of work can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience for any new graduate. The reality that the study period has finally come to an end and the time has come to embark on a new career path is no easy feat. In a world that is slowly but surely recovering from the pandemic, graduates are finding difficulty in securing their ideal job role. The good news is, however, that there are several things you can do to improve your chances of getting hired while on the graduate job hunt. Below, we have listed 5 useful tips for landing a job after graduation:

1. Sign up to a recruitment agency

If you’re struggling to find a job role independently, you could always turn to a recruitment agency to help secure a career in your desired field. A graduate recruitment agency that specialises in graduate and internship recruitments such as Inspiring Interns would be highly recommended if you need assistance finding your dream job after university.

Recruiters will gain insight into your background, education and skillset to personalise the search and put you forward for job roles they believe are suitable for you. What’s more, they can help make the job-seeking process as stress-free as possible. Instead of submitting your CV and then waiting to be informed of the next stages, a recruiter will arrange the interviews and check for updates so have less worry on your shoulders. 

2. Network

If you’re struggling to find job opportunities, another top tip would be to begin networking. According to experts, over 8/10 jobs are not publicised, so you could be missing out on opportunities that you simply haven’t been made aware of. With this in mind, get to know as many professionals as you can in your desired field. Begin by chatting with family and friends (who may have acquaintances in your field) before branching out and building connections with professionals on online platforms such as LinkedIn or attending job fairs. 

3. Volunteer

While it can be disappointing receiving numerous job rejection emails – don’t sit around and waste valuable time. Use the opportunity to volunteer in a sector you’re passionate about. Not only will you get the chance to meet new friends, but you’ll also pick up new skills and experiences to add to your CV. You may also be lucky enough to meet potential employers who are impressed by your work ethic and are keen to hire you in future.

4. Tailor every application to the job role

Many graduates make the mistake of sending out identical CVs and cover letters to every employer, without adapting them to the specific job role. It may be tempting to quickly and easily send over the same documents to save time, but this is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of dividing your attention between hundreds of job roles in one day, focus on one at a time. The key is to customise your CV to the job spec to prove your compatibility for the role and why you should be hired over the competition.

If you have recently graduated from university and are ready to kickstart a brand-new career, we hope this blog has given you some helpful hints to get the ball rolling.