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A well passion driven statement of purpose submitted to City University of New York, USA

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE –Master of Public Health
By: Evaristus Jiwueze
Pursuing Master of Public Health is a responsibility and commitment to others. A responsibility to me because it is a self-exciting chosen career to better lives and a commitment to others for the passion I have to ensure a healthy living people and communities. This is the force behind my resolve and undiluted interest to pursue a career in Public Health in order to implement health interventions, principles and policies as well as to promote healthy living through inculcating in the various populations, men and women, young and old of diverse communities the proper health care concepts integrated with health awareness in educational programs and conducting campaigns that would elevate a sense of responsibility for a better well-being.

The passion is my drive, motivating me to acquire the needed knowledge and necessary skills, focusing on Communiuty Health Education as a concentration which would energize my desire in discharging the function of building peoples', individuals', groups' and communities' capacity on better healthy living ways by promoting good health methodologies, practices and attainment of healthy lifestyles among various population of the world starting with my immediate community, New York City, a beautiful place to be and a very wonderful example of the world in diversity made up of populations of different race, culture, faith and beliefs. In choosing this concentration, Africa captures my interest in a very special way (a serious health challenged continent) and in particular, my country (Nigeria) with most important focus on the northern regional part of it where high level of illiteracy, obvious ignorance, crude culture, religion, economic and political influences have posed a great danger to the promotion of healthy lifestyles and practices thereby, resulting to unhealthy and disease ravaged society.

My first ever practical experience in public health activities stems back from 2005 to 2006 in which my one year residency in this northern Nigeria precisely in Katsina State offered me a great opportunity to serve as a voluntary UNICEF Peer Educator Trainer (PET) and Coordinator of other PETs on HIV/AIDS. During this period, considering my undergraduate background as a Linguist with cognate experience in media and communications activities, I doubled as National Youth Service Corps' (NYSC) News Editor where I effectively used this position in doing massive media coverage (print and electronic), informing and educating individuals, groups, communities and general public on various activities on HIV/AIDS. KATCOPAS newspaper and magazine as well as Radio Katsina were enticingly on hand and instrumental in realizing most of the objectives in addition to periodical HIV/AIDS awareness rallies, campaigns, community outreaches as well as supervising and mentoring, monitoring and evaluating the activities of Peer Educators trained by me. Not done with these, I equally set up organized groups charged them with the responsibility to "spread the news and not the virus". In the final arrangement, HIV/AIDS Clubs were set up among students in schools, faith-based groups and communities. An amazing experience that ignited the fire!

This voluntary service exposed me to unsavory taste of the peoples' unhealthy lifestyles and health conditions requiring a strategic engagement of trained Public Health Educators and Practioners who have been equipped with the necessary know-how to synergize with individuals and groups, communities and organizations in a result-yielding relations that would surely bring about healthy living through effective health education, awareness and campaigns focusing on preventive health measures, good health policy implementation, interventions and deliveries, promoting change in attitudes, behaviours and environment that would affect the health of individuals and communities for the better while raising a great deal of hope.

Furthermore, as a one-time volunteer at UNICEF HIV/AIDS, I am looking forward to gaining more capacity on resumption of this post graduate studies that would enable me practice and perform efficiently on graduation. I believe that my studies in Public Health with concentration on Community Health Education at CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy (GSPHHP) will deeply enlighten my perception of health issues and more, provide me with the skills necessary to avert preventable health concerns.

In studying this programme, CUNY-GSPHHP provides the needed platform! Having attended its information session and interacted with its students, I am more than sure that the supportive atmosphere at the School, exceptionally structured recently for commitment to excellence in all that it does will enable me to exhaust and develop my capacities to the full thus, allowing me to become a successful well-rounded person, able of playing an active role in my community and at global stage.

As a prospective MPH Holder futuristically determined to be a world renowned Public Health Practioner as well as Community Health Education Consultant of global repute who aims at not leaving any stone unturned to put all energy and resources forward to promote preventive health care measures and healthy living across the globe, I actually understand that this program will be tasking but I am poised to give it my very best for I have the solid dedication, maturity and desire to succeed and in actualizing this, I am going to deploy effectively my oral and written communication skills developed from my undergraduate academic background in Linguistics and communication studies; an essential tool in driving home the core of Public Health in Community Health Education.

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