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Human resources personal statement

I am currently working full time as an administrator in a Hospital in my gap year after sixth form. I chose to take a year out after my A-Levels to gain some true life experience away from the security net of full time education. I was fortunate enough to gain work in the administration field and so continue to improve my knowledge and computer skills. I am also currently undertaking a 20 week OCR accredited CLAIT Level 1 course at open college to gain more computing skills.

Obtaining a degree in human resource/personnel management will enable me to seek employment in a large corporation where I eventually wish to specialise in staff development.

All my A-level studies interested me, but I felt my sociology A-Level course gave me much information relevant to a human resources/personnel management course such as knowledge of human behaviour and the reasoning behind it. However I do realise the course will entail much work dealing with facts and figures and feel with my GCSE Maths grade B I am well equipped to manage this side of the course too.

Throughout my education I contributed in many events such as induction days, sporting event supervision and attending volleyball and badminton clubs over several years. I also attended many school trips in the UK and abroad. In year eleven I was a senior student, running year seven homework and games clubs that contributed to me achieving my Trident Award to Gold Standard.
The work experience I undertook and my current employment challenge me to work with a diverse range of people in an office environment and allowed me to prove I could work effectively in this kind of occupation as the report of my employer confirmed.

My part time work as a sales assistant also gave me the confidence to communicate well with people from all walks of life and has improved my social and inter-personal relationship skills with other staff members and public. I feel my proven record of good time keeping, hard work and regular attendance would enable me to benefit from a place at university.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising because keeping in touch with my friends is important to me and I also enjoy keeping fit and regularly go to my local leisure centre. In addition I enjoy computing and creating websites that allow me to communicate with people from across the world.

My decision to study human resource/personnel management has taken a lot of research and thought over the past three years. After talking to several people employed in this field of work and researching what the course entails and with the rewards it holds, it was obvious that this kind of work was what I wanted to do and so I have applied to take a degree at university to provide me with the qualifications and experience I need to follow my chosen career path.


interviews by guest at 13:54 3/10/2007

how hard are they

Comment by guest at 01:13 30/11/2007

Cheers.. rele helped me out for my Informal Interview coming up on saturday.

Comment by guest at 11:41 10/12/2007

i have an interview tomorrow for radiography. could you tell me some frequently asked questions?

Hi by guest at 16:01 5/05/2008

I have got an interview at nottingham uni 4 learning disability nursing. do you know wot time of questions they might ask?

Comment by guest at 18:14 29/09/2008

this was good thanx

Nursing by guest at 15:47 28/10/2008

Hi :) i have a interview for university of dundee nursing course on thursday :( i am really nervous :/ just wondering if anyone could give me some tips on what they are likley to ask me about & what the written exercise is like ? my email address is :) i would really apprecciate it if somebody could get back to me :) thankyou x

help!!! by guest at 17:04 12/11/2008

ok so i got an interview for english at cambridge and now im really nervous because i'm only doing 3 A Levels and although i got 3 A's at AS I'm well aware of the tough competition. Any advice on likely questions or things I could do in the meantime to boost my chances of getting an offer???

Comment by guest at 21:16 21/01/2009

I am a student of Access to Physiotherpy course. I have University Interview next week which kind of Questions will they ask me?

Comment by guest at 11:59 28/01/2009

i have an interview to do nursing at stirling university.... was sort of question might they ask me?

Comment by guest at 17:46 14/02/2009

hi, i have an interview for physiotherapy next week and am wondering what sort of questions they will ask. i am up against people who are in second year of the course i am currently in which is a higher cert. how do i put myself ahead of the second yrs in the interview?

Comment by guest at 14:34 3/03/2009

i have an interview for mental health nursing what questions will i be asked

Comment by guest at 20:21 13/03/2009

hie, i want to study economics and i am going for an interview in a weeks time. What kind of questions an i likely to be asked.Also, how can i give the best answers without showing that i am nervous

Pharmacy interview nottingham by guest at 13:33 17/03/2009

I've got an interview for pharmacy in notts next week... does anyone knows what questions are likely to be asked?

Comment by guest at 14:33 11/06/2009

Iam going to attend an interview regarding my application to an interior design degree,what sort of questions concerning interior design do you think i should be prepared for?

career in radiography by guest at 08:13 5/10/2009

Hi! I have applied to study radiography. i will be called for an interview soon. pls assist and advise what sort of questions would i be asked and what are the best answers to give. i do not want to take any chances. pls help me

social work degree by guest at 09:27 6/01/2010

what are the questions likely to be ask

Comment by guest at 04:13 20/03/2010

Thank you for the interview tricks.

admissions interview by guest at 10:20 5/04/2010

good day all, I have group admissions interview for this month. advise me. what are the step to take to be the best amoung others. I wish to study international business.

Comment by guest at 13:11 18/01/2011

I've been told I need to attend an interview for my Mental Health Nursing course, but they havn't given me a date, how do they find this out and will they contact me? Also, what questions should I be preparing for?

Comment by guest at 13:44 8/02/2011

Hi :)I have an interview on friday at leeds uni for would be very much appreciated if someone could help me out on what question are asked or he current affairs in midwifery thannxxxxx :))))

Confidence by guest at 00:37 12/02/2011

I had an interview yesterday and i did not go well at all. I felt so scared and lost my words that i wanted to say. i am a really concerned that confidence is bringing me down. What can i do next time i have a interview? and how can i boost my confidence?

computer desgn by guest at 07:50 14/02/2011

computer desgn by guest at 07:50 14/02/2011

digital design by guest at 07:51 14/02/2011

Southampton University Interview by guest at 10:19 14/03/2011

Hi, I've got an interview for a Foundation degree in Science. I would like some tips about the questions I would be asked, thx.

Comment by guest at 13:06 9/04/2011

I have an interview at Cardiff University to be a Mental Health Nurse. What kind of questions are going to be asked ??

Comment by guest at 18:28 14/05/2011

its helpfull

Comment by guest at 16:43 8/06/2011

university scholarship by guest at 13:04 28/06/2011

I have an interview tommorrow with a university that is offering scholarship to people in arid areas,what queries should I expect?

university scholarship by guest at 13:04 28/06/2011

I have an interview tomorrow with a university that is offering scholarship to people in arid areas,what queries should I expect?

Comment by guest at 15:42 2/07/2011

I will be having my interview on monday,at winneba nurses training,could you please help me with the likely questions to be asked.

Comment by guest at 07:09 7/07/2011

well, i have an interview on the 18th of July...hope i get through

Comment by guest at 19:18 18/07/2011

just go with the flow, y on earth would you want to prepare if you know you are have what it takes to get in!!! losers!!!

What to wear :) by guest at 21:11 31/10/2011

I'd advise dressing in a full suit for an interview. Then when you go in, assess your competition. If they're all wearing suits, you're good. If they're casual, you can always take off your jacket and tie, put your tie in your jacket pocket and carry it over your shoulder/under your arm - remember, you can dress down when you get there, but you can't dress up

90%?? by guest at 18:22 17/11/2011

We had talks about Oxford and Cambridge interviews and I'm reasonably certain the guy (who was from Oxford btw) said that Cambridge interview approximately 80% while Oxford only interview about 2 or 3 candidates to one place (I don't know about other subject but I'm applying for law which has about a 15-20% acceptance rate, so they must interview about 40-50%). Just a point. x

To the guy above who claims to be an interviewer. by guest at 18:27 17/11/2011

Firstly, I would have expected someone who claims to be an interviewer to have better grammar. Secondly, both Oxford and Cambridge websites say to wear what you're comfortable in and not to bother about wearing a suit or anything like that. Dress does not influence academic potential as far as I am aware.

Comment by guest at 13:04 29/12/2011

Hi, do you know any good law university interview prep books? As i have a interview at queen marys. Thanks

Brighton University - Education Studies Interview by guest at 19:55 15/01/2012

I have an interview on Wednesday at Brighton Uni for Education Studies, I was wondering if anyone has any tops

art by guest at 14:07 16/01/2012

Hey, i have applied for a model making course in Bournemouth and i would really like to get some ideas on what questions they might ask me at my interview, so i can prepare myself. could you maybe email me some questions they might ask. my email is thank you.

I have an interview to do physiotherapy in 4 days by guest at 15:59 4/02/2012

I have and interview at university of hertfordshire in 4 days then another at kings college the following week, but I'm not sure what kind off things i should know, and whether i should read around the subject. what preparations should i make?

Comment by guest at 13:05 22/02/2012

I've been invited to a uni applicant day at st Georges after been given an offer just wondering if I should bring a parent is it common?

Interview time! by guest at 23:39 6/03/2012

Hi i have got an interview on the 22nd of march. I suffer really bad with nerves. I am looking for ways to prepare myself as that normally helps! so... how long is the interview and how many people attend each interview staff and pupils? I did here about the nursing code of practice do i need to know about that? Any other relative information would be fab! Thank you

Comment by guest at 00:25 22/03/2012

I have an interview next weak for radiography. could you please tell me some frequently asked questions?

Comment by guest at 23:56 27/07/2012

what questions normaly i get at nuiversity of london

Interviews by guest at 18:07 31/08/2012

I live in Derbyshire, but am applying to Universities in Edinburgh and Glasgow, will I have to attend an interview at the Universities themselves?

Adult nursing interview! by guest at 10:48 8/11/2012

Hi, just wondering if you can help me, I've got a adult nursing interview at university and just wanted to know what type of questions they will ask? Many thanks

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Brillant conclusion by guest at 15:28 10/01/2007

loved the ending!

Comment by guest at 14:03 16/01/2007

did you get any offers

Comment by guest at 14:05 16/01/2007

good one

end by guest at 12:06 27/01/2007

ending is better than previous paraphase

Comment by guest at 16:33 2/07/2007

A very detailed statement - well written. The activities stated were quite good. where do you study now?

brilliant start by guest at 12:49 9/10/2007

wich university offered you a place

Comment by guest at 08:50 7/11/2007

It was really excellent.You deserved the offer

Comment by guest at 11:48 11/03/2008

love it!!!

Comment by guest at 18:29 25/06/2009

well, this is a good statement, but the person has not replied saying which university they got through to.. are we being too nice saying its really good? im trying to write my own statement and can't get past the 1st paragraph.. so well done on this!! flows really well!

Comment by guest at 22:52 10/11/2009

this person has relevant experience and seem comitted to do this course.

Comment by guest at 10:36 29/06/2010


Comment by guest at 11:45 31/10/2011

good statement as given by a man..

DzRsaMGJki by guest at 17:31 2/08/2013

Major thanks for the blog post.Really looking forward to read more.