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Health and Social care personal statement

Due to previous experiences of working with a range of people in the care sector I believe
that throughout my time on various work placements with people who have disabilities and
difficulties in communicating, along with the experiences gained throughout my studies, my
wish to pursue a career in the care profession has grown.
To further my interest in working with and around people I completed a course in childcare.
Throughout this course I was able to gain valuable experience of working with special needs
children. While this was very challenging I also found it an extremely rewarding and enjoyable
experience. To further my knowledge and passion for working with people I took a health and
social care advanced course and took a weeks experience in a day centre that involves working
with people who suffer from difficulties in communicating and having disabilities. This again
helped to broaden my understanding of working with people and also how to deal with children
and adults with disabilities.
Within my spare time I have researched the job role and requirements for health promotion to
find out what is involved. To build upon these interests further, I am taking up a one week
work experience within the health field. I will be spending the first week in a care home
focusing on helping elderly people that suffer from dementia and my second week assisting a
health promoter to experience a more professional job role in health care. I am looking
forward to this valuable experience as it will further consolidate my desire to study health
and social care.
I currently work as a sales assistant which has given me a valuable experience of working with
people and how to assist their needs in any way possible. During this time I am developing
effective communication skills and good working relationships. In addition to this it is also
helping me to show how committed I am to my responsibilities as well as demonstrating good
organisation skills. Having to juggle work and school as well as social activities this also
shows that I am developing my time keeping skills to make myself more committed and more
During my first year of sixth form I helped to raise money for the McMillan Cancer trust
charity. I also found this very rewarding as I was helping others that were in need, just like
during my work placements. I often play sports after sixth form with my friends; this has
helped me to develop extra skills in working well in a team. In addition I have completed
voluntary work with a year six class to increase my knowledge of working with young people,
another activity that I very much enjoyed and found extremely rewarding. To further my
interest in working with people I have recently volunteered to do a level 3 v-volunteering in
my spare time, the certificate itself is an accreditation form Newcastle University.
During my spare time I mainly like to dance and sing. I find this is a good way to express
myself in addition to help me keep fit. I also attend the gym often to also help keep me fit.
I also like to attend various different events and take advantage of any activities that I am
offered whether it is through school or outside of school. This helps to increase my
confidence and also helps me to meet new people.
I feel that university is definitely the right path for me. I am always working extremely hard
to achieve the best I can, a feat which I intend to carry on throughout my university years. I
feel I have the necessary skills needed to enjoy university to the full and also be successful
in future years. In addition I would also like to go to university to help develop my skills
even further so I can gain a good job in the health and social care sector which is always my
main interest.

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This personal statement was written by fayej44 for application in 2011.

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Newcastle College
University of Sunderland

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This is what i have sent to the universities i am applying to. could people please give me feedback on what you think of how my personal statement sounds please. one of the universities i have apllied for has already recived it and i'm hoping that with this p.s it is good enough.



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Comment by guest at 19:34 1/09/2013

Its very good but you should write what universities you had applied for just for the help of other people. You have written in such simple writing that makes it even more incredible. Well Done. :)