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Early childhood studies personal statement

Throughout the first year of the course I have gained 5 merits and 2 pass grades. I enjoy learning and extending my knowledge of children and child development. I have thoroughly enjoyed my work placements, as in the placements I have been able to extend both my practical and theoretical knowledge.
I feel that my strengths include being a good listener; I have good communication skills which I feel are essential for an Early Years worker. I am a hard working and enthusiastic person who thoroughly enjoys a challenge and the responsibility being placed in them, I am a creative person who enjoys designing and making resources which can be used in planned activities my placements. I enjoy working in a team, as this gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Throughout the duration of the two year course I would have studied units that cover all areas of childcare. So far throughout my first year on this course, I have found all of the units studied interesting and valuable to my professional practice and my knowledge as an early years worker. However there have been other units that have interested me further these include: Professional Practice, Childcare Practice, Human Growth and Development, Play and Learning, Literacy and Numeracy, Sociology, and Safe Environments. In my second year of the course I am looking forward to studying the Special needs unit as in am interested in this area.

Throughout the course I have been able to work with a variety of age ranges of children, these include 0-1yrs, 1-2 yrs, 2-4 yrs, and 4-8 yrs, working with these different age ranges, has allowed me to work in many different and exciting settings. At the end of this course I would have completed more than 800 hours of work placements. These placements also include at special needs schools, hospital placements on both adult and paediatric wards. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work particularly at the different placements (Primary Schools here I worked with children in a reception class (4 - 5 years), Nursery class (3 - 4 years), Private Nursery (1 2 years), Family placement this was where I was able to work within a family setting with a child aged 0 1 years, and Hospital wards I worked both on a Paediatric ward and an Adult ward.) right the way through my first year of the course and I have been encouraged by the numerous complimentary remarks made by tutor.

While studying on the BTEC course I have made many achievements. These include becoming a class representative for a semester; this allowed me to take responsibility in liasing between both the class members and the staff. Other achievements that I have made include gaining my Basic Food Hygiene Certificate and my Paediatric First Aid.

Throughout the duration of the first year of the course I have been able to familiarise myself with the Foundation Stage Curriculum. From learning about the Foundation Stage Curriculum I have been able to plan structured activities which I have been able to carry out in my work placements.

Throughout the course there have been many occasions where I have been asked to design and make my own resources for activities. These resources include a feely bag, puppets, and a storyboard. I thoroughly enjoyed completing these tasks and then using them as activities with the children. While in my first year of the course I have been involved in community projects which included going into a nursery and designing a display on what children learn from outside play. I really enjoyed participating in this community project as this allowed me to achieve a sense of contentment.

In my leisure time, when I am not studying I enjoy reading, travel, I.T., music, swimming, and socialising.

My immediate future plans are to complete my BTEC National Diploma in Early Years and then hopefully gain the necessary merits to allow entry into university for a degree in BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies, which will allow me to gain employment at the highest level in my chosen field and give me a better choice of which route I decide to take in the field of early childhood care and education. I also feel that by studying to a degree level I will gain the necessary skills and experience to pursue my chosen career, and to gain further satisfaction from my work. I look forward to going to university and gaining independence. Throughout the course I have been able to learn new skills about children and their development, and I am passionate about working with children and using my professional practice and my theoretical knowledge in allowing and assisting the children to develop in the early years.

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Comment by guest at 00:00 3/10/2004

very long...

Comment by guest at 00:00 9/11/2005

Quite simple, few grammar mistakes, some repitition but you will probably get on some of your courses because there's nothing really awful about it. good luck

Comment by guest at 15:38 5/11/2006

a bit long and waffley but you sound good at what you want to do so good luck

Comment by guest at 12:53 21/11/2006

what a wonderful personal statement,you will make a great teacher one day. god bless you sam baines

very long by guest at 13:25 11/01/2007

i think this is very long for a personal statement and would not grab the emploers attention Thanks

Comment by guest at 14:19 27/03/2007

a very good personal statement.

Comment by guest at 20:35 7/04/2007

A bit long winded, and the word "throughout" is used a lot.

Comment by guest at 20:23 26/04/2007

its quite impressive!!

Comment by guest at 10:21 11/07/2007

this is not a personal statement it is about your course

Comment by guest at 10:22 11/07/2007

they will not accept you in a university if you tell them about the course

hayley by guest at 15:37 31/07/2007

what a loverly stament i hope you get into univerisity you sound like you really want a diserve it:)

Comment by guest at 09:42 9/10/2007

very long..

Comment by guest at 20:07 27/10/2007

I think that this statement talks alot about their BTEC but doesn't talk about them as an individual which employers and universities look for aswell as people's experience. Also there is limited vocabulary used which is quite boring in honesty.

Comment by guest at 17:46 11/11/2007

This is mostly talking about the BTEC course (i am doing the same course atm), too much repitition and did not outline your personal aspirations or much other info about u other than a line about hobbies.

Comment by guest at 19:47 25/05/2008

i think this is very good and catches the readers eye. this person has a very good plan and knows what they want to do. very good

Comment by guest at 09:42 30/09/2008

this statement is too vague the only words i tend to see throught this piece is "throughtout" which makes it sound like you are so uneducated and that your vocab is so short

Comment by guest at 15:30 2/10/2008

this personal statement is very long. thought they were meant to be a page long? short but sweet as they don't like waffle? it's very good though.

shahida mohiuddin by guest at 19:18 4/10/2008

I found this personal statement very informative and wrting styleis interesting

Comment by guest at 15:51 31/10/2008

very good! and it's not too long, it's the right length, and i did the same BTEC course and it's encouraged that you talk about the course because it entails all the experience you've done! well done :)

Comment by guest at 17:55 10/11/2008

good.... too many paragraphs beginning with "throughout". maybe say how your leisure activities are relevant to the course!!

Comment by guest at 13:51 15/11/2008

'Immediate future plans'doesnt really make sense to me, doesnt sound right, there either immediate plans as in now, or there future plans as in long term

Comment by guest at 11:17 27/11/2008

This is a long winded personal statement, i am applying for a similar course and i am doing the CACHE Diploma in childcare and education. It has been useful, but you clearly should have talked less about you're course and more about what you hope to gain from uni etc. Could have expanded on you're interests some more.

Very good by guest at 21:06 16/05/2009

this is a really good personal statement

DREAD by guest at 15:02 5/07/2011

last comment from miss mcarthy from beal high school .

Dr.Marek by guest at 14:39 5/10/2011

Very long, get your own personal statement dont copy from someone els because this has been copy from someone! But Good!!!

Comment by guest at 12:05 1/12/2011

I personaly, think this was rather interesting and not unsuitable for the particular course.

Comment by guest at 14:21 6/03/2012

Very long but it helped me with ideas for my own statement.

very good by guest at 15:06 14/05/2012

very good personal statement . he will giving me some idee to do my own thanks a lot and good luck for the rest. wishes you all the best.

Comment by guest at 21:25 14/01/2014

though it was alright to be honest