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Chemistry Personal Statement

I am currently studying A-Levels at Runshaw College, in Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics and General Studies, and studied Music to AS level. The workload for 6 AS levels has been quite high, and my ability to cope with this busy schedule shows I am able to cope well under pressure. This was also reflected in my achievement of 99% in my AS Physics results, 98% in AS Chemistry, full marks in General Studies and over 90% in what was effectively a Maths A-level course. Currently I am particularly interested in Chemistry, as I enjoy discovering more about the individual characteristics of each element, for example the extremely reactive nature of the gases fluorine and chlorine and the versatile nature of carbon, in the compounds it can form and the allotropes it exists in.

My achievement in these subjects has been marked by receiving certificates of achievement in Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

In Maths I received a silver award in the UK Senior Maths Challenge shortly into the Maths course. I was also a member of the Runshaw team who competed in a national Maths contest in Birmingham in June 2002.

While at school, my responsibility was shown by my position of steward, a post similar to a prefect, in my final year. At college I have acted as a guide on the college open evenings and at a Year 10 Sampling Day.

For my work experience at High School I worked in a pharmacy. From this I was able to develop my inter-personal skills as well as having some opportunity to observe how a pharmacy operates.

At school I was a member of several bands and at college I have joined the Brass Group and the band, where I play the trombone. I am also a member of the Eccleston Brass Band which rehearses twice weekly and Lancashire Students' Concert Band, a prestigious ensemble. These activities give me the chance to work as part of a team and to experience the enjoyment of making music, which I also was able to experience last year in an AS Music course, in which I achieved a B grade. For relaxation I play the piano, in which I have recently passed my Grade 7.

I aim to work hard in my degree course and consequently to discover which field of science I develop most flair and ability. Following this I aim to go into a job related to science, possibly in research.

So far my chief interest is particularly in theoretical work, although I am also keen to research through experiments and develop my practical skills.

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This personal statement is unrated


were your results really that

were your results really that high


did u really get those results? ive just finished my as exams didnt go to well :( have you any idea how you incorperate two cources in a personal statement because i wanna do either medicine or chemistry
if u do please email me at

U just sound like you are

U just sound like you are bragging and it's not the most exciting, innovative start is it?!

You're stating your grades

You're stating your grades and achievements rather than your desire to do the course - most of those things would be in other parts of the UCAS form or mentioned in the reference written by your teachers. For example, the entire first sentence can be cut out because they will already know your college and A levels.

The "currently" at the beginning of the fourth sentence suggests that it is more of a fleeting interest, and you might change your mind about what you like well before the end of the course.

Impressive grades and A-levels, but the statement could be written better to express your enthusiasm for your subjects.

This doesn't convey any

This doesn't convey any passion for your subject outside the classroom at all. Good exam results are necessary, but shouldn't take over.
In this PS it sounds as thought you have no interest in chemistry, merely that you want to get in. This may be the case but it is in no way convincing... not a good statement. It makes you come across like an arragont asshole who is very self satisfied.

dont really understand the

dont really understand the need to write about your results, there on the application anyway. well done though! wish i did that well all the time!

I dont even know you but I

I dont even know you but I hate you.

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