This month we have completed and published another superb, one of a kind e-book guide, to writing your UCAS nursing personal statement, which is now available on Amazon.

Studential’s personal statement e-books for UCAS courses are highly regarded across the country as the best, expert guides around and the Nursing one is no exception.

Written by Naomi Lofts, a UK leading expert with more than 15 years’ experience on writing personal statements, you know you’re in safe hands. Reading this e-book will give you a head start on gaining a place on your Nursing course.

Nursing is an immensely popular course choice with UK university students and is often very over-subscribed for the limited number of places available.

Studential wants to give students a competitive edge to help them secure a place on one of these esteemed nursing courses at their chosen university. 

A highly sought after and standout feature in this e-book is Studential’s unique ‘Admission Tutors Say’ boxes throughout each chapter of the guide.

These are invaluable and if followed can really make a huge positive difference to your personal statement.

University nursing admissions tutors from:

universities contribute their comments on every aspect of your personal statement from the first words you write and the detail in each paragraph, to the finishing touches at the end.

One of the most popular aspects of the e-book is the section on examples of nursing personal statements.

These have been written by students who’ve successfully gained places on nursing courses in the last few years. These statements are a must-read and will give you real life examples as templates you can work from.

Each of these personal statements are analysed in detail, paragraph by paragraph providing you with reasons why key sentences and phrases are important. This analysis also comments on what not to include, which is just as important.

You can also read nursing personal statements which are weak. Studential’s analysis will explain why, so you know what to avoid as well. You can even test your own abilities by taking an exercise to edit a weak statement yourself, before reading Studential’s own answer. 

Don’t miss in-depth advice and guidance on exactly what you should include in your personal statement and why it’s mega important to demonstrate your outlook on the 6C’s (care, compassion, courage, commitment, competence and communication). 

Studential’s guide features advice on all 4 specialised areas of nursing: adult, children, learning disabilities and mental health as well as information you can’t afford to miss on the key nursing schools in the UK. 

Our e-book leads you through every paragraph of your 4,000 character UCAS personal statement, from where to start with your blank piece of paper to layout, language, structure, drafting, proof-checking and wider reading, not to mention what to write in the content itself.

To top it off, the book also offers you a free style guide on how to write your personal statement with do’s and don’ts, hints and tips, great written examples and how to avoid plagiarism.

A FAQ section completes the e-book with the answer to every question you’ve ever wanted to know. 

Grab your copy today, so you really can stand out from the crowd with your nursing personal statement.

Your inspiration is here. Why read anything else! 

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