We all know student life can be hectic – trying to balance study, socialising and possibly a part-time job, can be a difficult task.

Luckily, there are some amazing apps out there that offer some great tools for getting through student life, including managing your money, note-taking, staying fit and making sure you have a safe night out.

We've separated them out into categories to help you find what you're looking for more easily, and if you have any further suggestions that are not listed here, please leave them in the comments box below!


1. SoundNote

This great app lets you take notes in lectures by tracking everything you write and draw while recording audio. So if you happen to catch forty winks during a class, you don’t need to worry about filling in the blanks in your notes afterwards.

Share Your Board and Lecture Capture are also worth checking out.

2. Ever Note

This note-taking app means you can write a to-do list, create a reminder or take a picture of a sketch wherever you go. Available to download on all devices.

3. Mathway

For those who don't enjoy Maths, type your problem into this app and it will solve it for you, and even shows you how to get the answer so you can really get to grips with what's going on.

This app is great for all those students who encounter maths during their degree, and need a little extra help.

Available to donwload on both iTunes and Android.

4. Timetable

Save your class timetable with this app and make sure you don’t miss another lecture! You can add events to your weekly schedule too.

MyClassSchedule and ClassTimetable provide a similar tool, reminding you of exams and any unfinished coursework, on top of organising your classes.

5. EasyBib

This free bibliography generator means you can stop wasting time writing out those frustrating and boring citations. Formats generated include MLA, APA and Chicago. Download at Easybib.com.

RefMe is another citation app worth investigation too.

6. Any.do

Sync your class projects, tasks and lists across all devices with this easy-to-use app, available to download on iTunes and Android.

Clear is another app that will declutter your life and help you organise your time.

7. Scribd

Get access to books, audiobooks and more each month with this app for avid readers. For a small fee, you can choose from over 500,000 books that are part of the world’s largest online library.

Available to download on iTunes and Android.

8. CliffsNotes

Studying literature as part of your degree? Then learn faster and smarter with this app that offers detailed study guides on your mobile, giving you access to character, plot summaries and more.

9. Chegg

Stuck on an essay or other piece of work? Chegg can help you by giving you access to tutors online, as well as lots of textbooks. Available on iTunes and Android.

10. Penultimate

If you’re fortunate enough to own an iPad, this award-winning digital writing app combines natural hand-writing and sketching with Evernote’s sync and search.

Jot down anything from brainstorming sessions and lecture notes, to project outlines and your shopping list.

Available to download at iTunes.


11. Alarmy: Sleep If You Can/Sleep Cycle

This app will ensure you rise and shine in time for your morning lectures. Featuring multiple ways to turn it off, Alarmy means you won’t be able to fall asleep again afterwards!

Get the world’s most annoying alarm clock app on Android and iTunes.

12. Dropbox

Store and backup all your files with Dropbox, and make sure you never lose an essay or other important piece of work. Available on iTunes and Android.

Google Drive is a great alternative to Dropbox, where you can store spreadsheets, word documents, videos and more.

13. Oxford English Dictionary

Never be stuck for words again with this app! Get your essays and coursework sorted with this world’s leading single-volume dictionary. Available to download on iTunes and Android.

Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus is another popular dictionary app with students, avialable on Android and iTunes.




16. Skype

Stay in touch with family and friends back home with this popular app. With the choice of IM, text, talk and video chat, there’s no excuse for not checking in with loved ones while at university!

Other favourites with students for making calls and communicating with others include:


21. Circle of Six

Stay safe on a night out with this handy app that allows you quickly let six people you choose know where you are, and how they can help you (if needed).

Look out for yourself and your friends by downloading this app on iPhone and Android.

22. Wisedrinking

We know many students enjoy a few drinks (or more!) when out for a night on the town or at the student bar, but this app will encourage you to drink responsibly.

It assesses your blood alcohol concentration based on gender, body weight and the time of your last meal, but is by no means a scientific tool! Available on iTunes and Android.

Drunk Mode is another useful app to have on your phone during those crazy drinking sessions, with features that will stop you drunk dialling selected contacts, find drunk friends with GPS tracking, get a safe lift home, and a breadcrumb trail that shows where exactly you went the night before (in case you can’t remember!).

23. Skout

Make meeting new people easier (a relief during Freshers’ Week!) with this app that’s been connecting people all over the world since 2007.

Available to download on iTunes and Android.




26. Zombies, Run!

Make running fun with this adventure game that will make you want to go out for that jog every day!

Once you have received your mission through your headphones, you’ll need to collect supplies to build up your base, and if you start being chased by zombies, you’ll have to speed up! Available on iTunes and Android.

Other running app alternatives include:






31. MealBoard

This recipe storage app for iPhone lets you plan meals for the week ahead, keep track of items in your cupboards and automatically generate your grocery list.

You can download Mealboard at the iTunes App store.

32. SideChef

33. BigOven



Money & Finance

36. Mint

Don’t stray outside of your monthly budget with this money management app. You can pay your bills and track your credit score wherever you are.

If you’re out with your mates, Venmo lets you make and share payments with other people. You can pay anyone with a Venmo account instantly, or link your bank account or debit card.






45. Uber

46. Trainline

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