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Loughborough University reviews

Loughborough Reviews

'When I started university I had no real career plan or aspirations, only a passion for science and engineering. Loughborough has channelled that passion and inspired me to become a well-rounded Engineer with clear aspirations in life and a detailed career plan. I want to change the world, and Loughborough has made me believe that I can.' - Charles

'Unlike any other, from the moment you arrive at Loughborough you feel like part of a team, part of a community. I know that I have made lifelong friends here, and for this reason will be very upset to leave this year.' - Olivia 

' The social atmosphere at Loughborough is unlike any other and is one of the main aspects which has defined my time here so far. The energy is always positive across campus and there is always something going on. There are so many opportunities to meet loads of new people such as through Action and Rag projects, joining a society or by taking part in IMS or Departmental Sport (which Geography always wins!). The nights out at the union are also amazing especially FND on a Friday night. It’s very clear why Loughborough’s Students’ Union is ranked best in the country.' - Adam

' I believe choosing your university is similar to choosing a new household: you need to make sure that the place you go to will be one where you feel comfortable and that will always feel like your “home away from home”. This was even more important for me due to the fact that I am an international student so going away to university in another country meant completely taking the bull by the horns, getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there.
As cheesy as it may sound, I fell in love with Loughborough from the very first time I looked it up – it had everything I wanted! It looked beyond mesmerizing, it seemed like it offered its students limitless opportunities and it seemed like students’ wellbeing was their very first priority. Fortunately, all my expectations were not only met, but actually exceeded!' - Ana-Maria

' The campus environment is beautiful with many open areas to study and relax in along with multiple indoor and outdoor seating areas to socialise with friends but also study. The university offers over 100 clubs to join so there is always something for everyone, even if you’re not sport orientated. The university students’ union is run by students, for students so a real community is made. It’s like moving home from home.' - Isobel