How to cope...with being poor

The best way to cope with being poor is not to be poor! 

Apart from following the instructions contained therein there is really only a few things you can do.

Getting a job is simply out of the question, not because you haven’t got the time (on a full-time course more than sixteen actual hours of lessons is considered extraordinary) but because working would obviously interfere with your studies (and even your parents wouldn’t want that now would they).

Even odd jobs could cause problems, so window-cleaning for your blind old nan is a bit too much of a stretch for your average student.

Beg, borrow, and well… we can’t condone stealing now can we, but a bit of borrowing without asking can be overlooked as long as you really need it.

Knock all your bad habits on the head, especially if they cost money; so no more smoking, go for the socially acceptable habit of drinking instead (casually disappearing to the toilet when it’s your round).

Don’t buy newspapers, get the free ones down the train station or hover round the entrance to the uni and grab anything they’re giving out.

The Socialist Worker might not be the most interesting read, but it’s free.

Do not use your computer at home, particularly for internet use: unis have computers and they won’t charge for you using them, so go online for as long as you like - the government’s paying!

Clothes for the fashion conscious at uni have nothing to do with designer labels and so much to do with the local charity and second-hand shops, dazzle your friends in a Marks and Spencer’s suit you bought for four quid, not seventy pounds worth of trainers.

There is really only one thing that shouldn’t be skimped on when you’re at uni, no not books what do you think libraries are for, but socialising.

Get that big bottle of cider when you go to your mates party.

In fact, you’ve been good, packed in the smoking, haven’t bought a pint this week, been to the library (well, thought about it anyway…) and walked to uni twice (you only go in twice): you’ve been so good you deserve a treat, so buy yourself two bottles of cider.

The most important thing about uni is having fun, put your money worries away and just buy it.

Ten years from now when you’re still paying back those debts, at least you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you had a great time.